Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sunny... boy? girl?

Some of my friends are asking if Sunny is a boy or girl

(we look alike here)

I'm not too sure myself so I decide to do some checking

Hum... I'm not too experience in this... But I dont see any "boy bits" on Sunny, so Sunny should be a girl or a neutered boy.

What do you doggies think? OH! Hey Sunny! WHat are you doing? STOP!! OK, I'm sorry...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm a cyborg but it's ok

Eil went to watch the movie premium of I'm a cyborg but it's ok last night, starring... Mr Rain

It's a romantic comedy about 2 patients at a mental hospital who fall in love with each other. Young Goon(played by Lim Soo Jung) is a patient who thinks she's a cyborg, having a strong dislike towards doctors(because they took away her grandmother when she was young) and not eating food for fear that her robot-body would break down. Il Soon(played by Mr Rain) is a patient who thinks that he can steal other people's abilities and has a fear of being demolished from the world. This show won an award at the Berlin International Film Festival

Because I'm still underage to watch a NC16 show, I sent Sunny (Coz Sunny is bigger size then me and probably looks older) to go on my behalf. And look! Sunny got to know a new friend there. :)

Sunny said the movie was very funny and Mr Rain even yodels very well in the show.

These handphone straps are given during the premium. Here's a trailer I found on youtube uploaded by a fan. (from user: blay2 from youtube)

Monday, February 26, 2007


Singpore had the Chingay Parade on Saturday and I watched the live telecast on TV. There were lots of floats and performers dancing down Orchard Road. It's kinda like the Mard Gras except there's no throwing of beads or anything to the people watching.
There's performers from other countries and there were those dancing lions but nothing on doggies or hamsters. They should so invite me or Huskee to parade during Chingay.

My FuFuMOBILE or Fu.F.O or Huskee's HuskeeMOBILE would have brought so much more fun to the people watching, dont you think? We could have drive all the Singapore dbloggers down Orchard Road and I bet the crowd would love us. :)

Everydoggie still remember Jay? Well my buddy told me that his home laptop is having some problem and he can't access the internet now. And J is too busy in office to update his blog. Jay told me that he misses all his friends. Let's all cross our paws for Jay to get back his access to blog soon.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sunny days

Today is my buddy Boo's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOO!!! Hope you get lots of yummy treats and may your wishes come true.

Me and Sunny the stuff hammie have been hanging out alot. Here we are checking out the box of mice.

Sunny likes to come into my cage for chat and sometimes we chat until Sunny gets real tired. So Sunny's resting in the comfy grass below. :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fufu's new friend

I got another mail yesterday and it's from Joey and Tanner.

They got me some Yogurt Drops (see Joey even highlight that hamster on that package that looks like me) and some cotton bedding that would fluff up and be very comfy to sleep in. Thank you guys so much, you doggies are so nice. Did everyone read the post where Tanner hack Joey's blog? That was so funny... I hope Joey wont punish Tanner for that coz everyone loves Whatsup!!! Tanner. (esp when he's in that pink shirt)

The stuff hamster also wanna check out that packet of Drops.. But I'm keeping my eye on it... Since Sunshade gave me this hammie, I'm gonna name it.... Sunny the stuff hamster.

See me and Sunny getting friendly here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year

I got another card over the weekend, it's from HappyFamily. HappyFamily sometimes leave me messages on my chatbox, so nice of you to send me a card. Thank you.. But how did you know my address?? Did you know any of my doggie friends?

Yesterday Eil got to see Lion Dance up close

She was having a meal at the restaurant when they bring in the Lion dance. Eil has never seen they so upclose.. *Hum.. I wonder if Simba can dance like that too*

I'm nominated for the Awesome Blog Award by my doggie friend C-K-C. Thank you C-K-C for reading my blog and nominating me. My friends Boo and Army of 4 are also in the running, so doggies go vote for your favourites and good luck to everyone in the list. :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Chinese New Year is coming

I got mail from Scrappy yesterday. Isn't it sweet of him to send me a Valentine's Day card. Thank you Scrappy. :)

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year eve, shops will close early on Saturday (which is the eve) so that the humans can go home early to all gather and have their reunion dinner. Although the festival last for 15 days, the humans actually only get 2 days off from work(In Singapore). And since most shops dont open on the 1st day of the lunar new year, the people will buy lots of food to stock up at home. But at the rate that we see them buy at the local wet markets and supermarkets, you'll think they're preparing for world war 3... I wonder if they really can finish all those stuff that they buy... heee

This year will be the year of the PIG.

You can greet someone Happy New year by saying 新年快乐 "Xin Nian Kuai Le"

Here's me wishing everydoggie a prosperous prosperous Happy New Year with Good Health for you and your family and full for yummy treats.
p.s may those doggies celebrating get lots of red packets. ;)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Presents from Sunshade

My dear doggie friend Sunshade sent me a box of wonderful presents, what a great Valentine's day gift. There were 3 cards, some food and toys.

There's a box of mice and a cute stuff hammie that according to Sunshade is for urm... "Lovin"

I got pawtographs from both Sunshade and Stinky Jaffa. His paw paw is still so small. :)

I'm so happy to see Sunshade update her post today. I was missing her and Stinky Jaffa so much... Thank you so much for the presents Sunshade and Jaffa, I love them all very much. And I hope you 2 had a great Valentine's day

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is 14th of February which is Valentine's Day.

I got a belated birthday cum Valentine's day card from Joey & Tanner. Aren't they such sweet doggies. The hamster in that card looks so happy and it's giving out HUGS. Thank you guys so much, love that card. :)

Hope you all doggies have a romantic Valentine's Day today. Big stuff Doggie shall represent all of you and I'll give you all a valentine's day KISS. muah~

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FuFuNaut and his spaceship

Here I am, FuFu the FuFuNaut trying out my new spaceship. Every doggies came up with really cool and interesting names for it like FuFuSaucer, Space Futtle, Millenium Fu-con... the one most doggies came up with is Fu.F.O

Making sure I dont hit the eject button, that'll be real bad...

Are we ready to go? Initialize count down.
10..9..8.........3..2..1 lift off..

Yeah! To infinity..... and beyond......

Monday, February 12, 2007

My new mode of transportation

Some of my doggie friends have been asking if I've finish my Birthday Cake. Well, mama only gave me bits of it for 2 days then Evil Eil ate finish the whole thing. Her reason being, it'll take me months to finish eating at the rate I'm going. What a lousy excuse, anyway I made her promise me to share her bits with me when the family gets cake again.

I got a nice e-card from Butchy & Snickers . Thanks guys, what a nice cake that hamster is holding. :) And I got present from Pacco, it's a Space ship. Cool... I can conquer the land with my FuFuMOBILE. Now I can conquer the air too.

Now... I need a cool name for my space ship, what do you doggies suggest?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Great Cake

Thank you everyone for your Birthday wishes. I turned 2 yesterday and Eil bought me a cake.

(I smell something...)

Mama helped cut it into small (hamsterrier friendly size) pieces

(gimme gimme)

It was yummy-licious. :P


And now.... the correct answer to where Eil went last week. It was Hong Kong! They have a Madame Tussauds wax museum there. And the most recently opened Disneyland is there too. See I got a little souvenir from there too, I love tissue so much...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Hey doggies, I see that no one has guess correctly where Eil went yet. But Simba I love your answer, it's real funny. heee... more clues today

Giant mousies, I bet Butchy & Snicker's mum would love to get them

This lion says he's call Simba but I think my doggie friend Simba looks more handsome.

Security was pretty tight, they have soldiers marching the streets

This tiger looks a little too happy, dont you think?

I got more presents last nite. A BIG thank you to Boy n Baby for the card and presents. :) Yeah!!! more food and toy for me.

I got a TV... Ok, let me see how to turn this thing on...

Mr Rain Calander says that it's 7th Feb today, which means MY birthday is TODAY! I'm 2 years old now. A Super-Duper BIG Thank you to all my friends who sent me your well wishes, cards and presents. Thank you all for loving me so much. *Big Hug* I'm so happy to made so many friends thru blogging.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More gifts and guess...

Mama went to collect my package from the post office yesterday. It was so funny, after finding for the package for such a long time and making mama signed for it. The post office lady told mama to please bring the office stamp for such collection in future. Then mama gave her a blur look and said, "what office stamp? This package is for my hamster" haaa.. The post office lady must have thought Fufu the Hamsterrier is a new post in the work force.

Woh, a card from the Casanova Boo and a toy mousie for me. I love the other toys and chewing block Boo but Eil's toopid camera didn't got a good shoot of it. Thank you for the presents. :)

Next, presents from Huskee and his maid (my mother-in-law) Can you guys spot me?? There's so much stuff and food that Eil thinks she dont have to buy food for me for a long long long time. :) Thank you Huskee, you're such a buddy and of course thank you my pretty mum-in-law

Ok, now we're gonna play a game call "Guess where Eil went last week?" some clues.. she saw...

President Bush......

*Gasp* Prince Charles and the Queen of England

Footballer David Beckham...

The Beatles.. wait how did she get to meet the Beatles..

Mr E=mc².. ok this is weird...