Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New 2008 Ear

Hey Doggies, time really passes by so quickly. It's already the last monday of 2007... and it's the last day of 2007 too. It'll be 2008 tomorrow. It has been pawsome knowing all of you this year.

I want to wish all of you a happy new ear first here. But I dont really need a new ear, I think what I have now are still working and fine..

Well I better take a nap now if I want to be awake tonight for the count down.

Have a pawsome new year and a hamsterrific 2008 everyone!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Friday

Hey Doggies, woh time really flies and it's been b after Christmas already. Hammer must have thought I'm good this year too coz he sent me a gift too. Isn't the fluffy koala cute? Eil and mama get horse keychains too.

I'm snuggling up to koala here, what do you think I should name him? Thank you so much Hammer and your mom.

There seems to be alot of post Christmas sale going on here in SingaPaw. Is it the same where you overseas doggies are? I hope your pawrents buy you some stuff when they go shop too. Have a pawsome weekend~

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas day!

Hey Doggies, did you all had a nice Christmas? I hope you all got pawsome presents and yummy treats!

I got a new toy this Christmas, it's a Christmas mouse that's about my size. And it squeaks too.. So this is what a squeaky toy is. I was curious and scare of the toy at first...

But I later warm up to the toy and did a doggie greeting with it. I think I'll name my 1st squeaky toy - Squeaks

Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Eve

Hey Doggies, it's Christmas Eve at our side already. Time sure passes by real fast!

I got so many more xmas cards over the past few days, I tried to decorate my house with the cards then I found out that I can't see much of outside haa haa

Thanks Stanley and Stella for the kiss *muah* I'm covering Stanley's eyes here so we can play hide and seek. Go hide doggies!

Hey Peanut! I see you in the card too

Thank you so much to all the doggies who mailed cards and sent e-cards to me.

Can you see where am I in the above picture? My legs are at the left side of the car and if you look closely you can see my head behind the seats. I can't wait for Christmas day to come. I hope Eil gets me a present. Merry Christmas to everyone~

Friday, December 21, 2007

Petting a hammie

Hey Doggies, I think putting up xmas decorations does works. It's much closer to Christmas now haa haa

Below is a video of Eil petting me, as a hamsterberian is much smaller then your normal size doggie, you only need 1 finger to stroke and pet us.

Have a pawsome weekend everyone

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas come faster

Hey Doggies, how many more days to Christmas is it till today?

Will Christmas come faster if I put up my xmas decorations?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Show me your treat jar

I saw some of my doggie friends showing their treats jar. So I want to show you all my treats jar too. But I dont have jar, I only have air tight containers. One contains sunflower seeds, one contains mixed food pellets and the biggest one is treats!

And even when my food treat is filled with food.

I still preferred to be handfed. hee

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey Hammer and new ride

I got a Christmas card from Hammer's family last nite. Dont Rose, Hammer & Hobson all look cute in the card. I'm trying to see what they're wearing on their heads

Look Hammer, I'm beside you now and I'm the same size as you. hee hee

There's a picture of Charlamayne and Khomet too, they look really sweet here.

Would you give me a ride Khomet?

Thank you so much for the lovely card Hammer & Family, Eil and mama really liked it very much. Mama (Eil's mum) can't stop saying how cute you guys are.

Moosie gave me a christmas present too. Look I got a new van!

It sure is more spacious and roomy in here. I'm sure I can bring more of my doggie friends for rides out now.

The video is a little dark but I'm test driving the van.

Ok, who wanna go for a ride? You doggies think this van can pass off as a snow mobile for Butchy & Snickers' Ice Skating pawty? I've never skate before so I hope there's some nice doggies there to look out for me. :)
Have a pawsome weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gifts and cards

Hey Doggies, I'll show you the presents and cards I received today. :)

These are from Boy & Baby Yummy treats~

Their mama even made me a pillow. Isn't that cute? It sure is very comfy and I'm putting it in my container so that I can sleep comfy inside.

This smiling doggie is from Boo Boo. I'm suppose to put money into the doggie's mouth to save it for treats and toys.

Gifts from Boo! I got apple scented bathing sand and treats. I'll smell very nice after each bath.

Licky Card from Boo

Boo's mum also help to bring Ben's card and present over for me. Thank you Ben, I'm giving you a hug here. Boo's picture looks like he's staring at us hee hee

A snow globe from Ben. Yeah, it's really cute and I can make it snow in my own house.

Presents from Huskee next.

A wood log toy and a white xmas mouse. I went to say hello to the xmas mouse!

My gifts from the nite the hoomans went pawty. Can you spot me in the picture below?

I also received a christmas card and gift from Amber. You gals sure look cute in your xmas gear

Cards from Charlie & Opy and T-man

CC-man is so cute to leave a note and his feather in the card. :)

Card from sweet Goofy. He got a cute xmas bear too.

Card from pretty Faya

And card from cute Sweety. I'm trying to whisper "Merry Christmas" in her ear

Thank you to all the doggies who sent me cards even when I didn't signed up for the DWB card exchange. All of you are so sweet. Thank you **muah**

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun Friday

Hey Doggies, it sure was fun at Asta's pawty last Friday. But the hoomans had their own pawty too. Eil met up with Huskee's mom first for lunch and Sunny went along (I was busy at Asta's pawty)

Boo's pawrents came over for visit and met some of the SingaPaw hoomans at one of the malls to shop first then they head to Boy & Baby's home for din din

Boy sure is very friendly and welcomed the hoomans in his house.

Baby was a little shy at first.

Eil got to see Mimi, Momo and Taz too. Can you see the eye peeping out of the hole on the left?

Check out the yummilicious food that Boy and Baby's mom prepared. Can you see who's supervising at the back?

Gift exchange after dinner, can you belive this lots is all Mine and Eil's presents. :)

Sunny got to meet a new friend there too.

But that new friend was busy with Boy later on, so Sunny and Baby took a nap while the hoomans chat and chat and chat.

It was really nice for Boo's pawrents to come down to SingaPaw for a visit and meet up with the hoomans. We hope you enjoyed your trip here. Eil realised that they forgot to take a group picture, so Boo... you have to tell your mom to come down again hee hee.
More pictures on my gifts in tomorrow's post