Thursday, November 30, 2006

I mailed my xmas cards

Yeah!!! My xmas cards to my doggie friends are mailed out yesterday. Those living in Singapore should get it tonite or tomorrow...

See my cards to send out, all stacked nicely... Eil had packed them in a BIG plastic bag and the people behind her in the queue weren't too happy to see her there. (hee hee)

But it seems that there is some promotional price for greeting cards to be send overseas. So all greeting cards to Malaysia or USA cost the same. Good thing, else the uncle at the post office would have to weigh all 63 cards. Then mama was there to help Eil paste the "oversea mail" stickers and stamps on all the cards.

Then instead of dropping the cards into the bin like those in the pic, Eil pass the whole bag of mails back to the post office uncle. So that the mails wont be squashed while going through the slots.

(The post office look like a fun place)

Here's the breakdown of how many cards to where:
USA: 33 cards
Singapore : 12 cards
Japan: 1 card
Canada: 7 cards
Australia: 4 cards
Malaysia: 3 cards
UK: 1 card
Germany: 1 card
England: 1 card

Do come and tell me when you receive my card and let me know if you like it ok. :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fufu look alikes

Hey everyone. I found these hammie toys in Eil's room the other day. Which one do you think look the most like me? Is it ...




Haa, they all look kinda cute huh. :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Updated on cards

Yeah!!! Over the weekend I got Opy and Charlie's card. Then I also got Boo's card, I like the Boo Production logo. Hee.. Boo your mum is really a pro at this card making thingy. So I got 3 cards now, Eil got me a little folder where I can keep all my xmas cards. Many of my friends have told me that they've sent out their cards, so I gotta keep checking the mailbox. This is so exciting. :)
Meanwhile, I've complete all my card covers (I mean Eil completed while I supervise). So now I just gotta write my message inside then I'm ready to mail them out.
Hee.. last nite Eil took 2 hours to write all the addresses on the envelopes. I think she nearly fainted from the processes.

(Can't you work any faster?)

Ok, I better go see what I can help her with...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Weekend is here

Hey everyone, a big HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my doggie friends who are celebrating this day. I hope you all got lots of yummy treats and turkey. I managed to ask Eil to give me more treats since most of my friends are feasting. :)

And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the pretty Sunshade who is turning 7 on Nov 25th. Have a great weekend everyone.

Special Note to Singapore dloggers :
Those who are coming to the x'mas party event as mentioned in Jay's blog. We have found a place for the event. Can you please email to us at to indicate the number of doggies and humans you are bringing along and we will email you the details. :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

X'mas Cards

Yesterday I got my first DWB Xmas card. (I knew standing by my house will pay off eventually) It's from BLU and Comet. The envelope is white, so I guess it was sealed by BLU. Hee. You guys are fast workers.
Ok, let me show you what Eil got for my xmas card design

I hope she execute my design nicely...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fufu visits the Vet

Last week when Eil and friends brought Rusty to the vet, Eil felt that the vet and the people in the clinic were very nice and attentive to the animals. So after checking that they do consultation for hamsters, Eil made an appointment for me to check if the bald patch on my back is anything to worry about.

Jay's owner J is very nice to offer to drive us there. Thank you J jie jie. I was put in a small tank with my tree trunk and water bottle.

(where are you taking me?)

This is my 2nd car ride, the first was when Eil's cousin gave me to the family. I couldn't sit still and as walking up and down the tank to check out what was going on. When we got to the animal clinic, Eil has to fill up a form which ask for her and mine particulars. At the date of birth part, Eil had put down 7 Feb 2005, she didn't know when is my exact birthdate but I came to live with Eil, mama and papa (Eil's parents) in Feb 2005. So Eil just pick a date that is at the starting of Feb to be my dob. :)

Over at the vet, Dr C (she's a cute lady vet) was a little surprised to see me as she said that she dont see much syrian hamsters anymore. She said that I was still pretty active and so she used a towel to hold me (in case I bite) to do the scrap test. Dr C just scrap a little of my skin to do testing, it didn't hurt at all. The result of the test was that I'm clean and ok. I dont have any mites, bacteria or any skin diease.
The balding is due to old age, I guess it's like how some humans drop hair when they grow older too. And Dr C says that some hamsters will drop all their hair, yikes!! I hope that doesn't happen to me. I dont wanna be a totally bald hamster.

After the test, I wasn't feeling too happy. So I just sulk in a corner. :(
Dr C also advise Eil to try to give me more vit. C in my diet like fruits. And she also said that as long as my skin doesn't appear reddish and have wounds there's no need for me to visit the vet anymore. And I was out of the clinic with no need of meds. Yippie!!

Once I got home, I zoomed back into my little house to rest. What a tired day... Although I didn't really like the trip to the vet very much but it's good to put my mind at ease that there is nothing wrong with me. And that I'm still very healthy and active according to the vet :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to Eil

Today (20th Nov, Monday) is Eil's Birthday.
Happy Birthday to my fav human. :)

And my birthday gift to her is...

I know that she really really wanted to go see Rain, so I got her his concert ticket. I asked mama to help buy the tickets coz her credit card can get 10% discount. (You're not expecting ME to buy the ticket personally right, the ticket lady will be shocked.) But when the bill comes, Eil would have to pay mama back the $$$ coz I dont get paid being a hamster and since I'm Eil's pet. Eil has to pay for all cost that I incurred. But it's the thought that counts right?? A gift is still a gift. Heee

And I'm so ready for Rain too. See, I'm getting my umbrella ready.

Last night, mama got a birthday cake for Eil, and Bibi and I had some too.

Yummy, and look at how greedy Bibi is...

Have a Hamsterrific Birthday Eil!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


I can't wait to get cards from my doggie friends for the DWB Xmas Card exchange.

I shall be waiting here by my house till they come. Did anyone count how many days is it till Christmas??

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Images from Singapore

Today I'm gonna post up some pictures of Singapore to show my doggie friends.
These photos are taken by Eil's cousin, T Jiejie.

T Jiejie went to MacRitchie Reservoir which is the Central Catchment Nature Reserve here.

There are boardwalks at the edge of the scenic MacRitchie Reservoir and walking trails through the forest.

See how clear the water is, it mirrors the image above...

In addition to the boardwalk, another popular attraction is the TreeTop Walk, a 250 m aerial free standing suspension bridge.

And the flowers there are beautiful

This is a good place for the locals to go to "experience" nature and get away from the city life. T Jiejie, next time bring me there too ok. :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My new friend Rusty

Some of you might have read from Jay's blog about Rusty.

Eil, J and Gal gal had so much fun bringing Rusty out last Saturday. She was such a good doggie that the humans can bring her into a shopping center. Rusty looked a little blur when she started the day out with the 3 women. (I bet it's because Rusty is used to listening to commands in English in the foster home then the 3 crazy women were talking to her in Mandarin and Hokkien) But she slowly warm up to them and wag her tail to them and stay close to them for hugs.

(What are they talking about?!)

Rusty is back in her foster home now, I hope she'll find a good forever home soon. If Rusty can shrink into my little hamster house, I dont mind keeping her...

Meanwhile, during the outting they went into a pet shop and Eil saw...

CC-man (T-man's brother) look alike!!! The bird seem curious about Rusty and came closer for a look too. :) Seems that everyone loves Rusty.

Monday, November 13, 2006

While you were sleeping...

I was doing this at night...

I'm not sure if my doggie friends sleep through the nites. But hamsters like me are nocturnal, we sleep during the days and wake up in the evenings.

So I would be up at night to play "Monkey". I'll even climb up the roof of my little house to see what's new.

Then when I'm tired from all those climbing and playing. I'll go back to sleep in the early morning...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Doggie painting

I was looking at my friend Boo's blog yesterday where he has his own portrait painting. Then I remember that the family have a doggie painting at home too.
But it's more of a chinese calligraphy type of painting.

Pardon for the poor quality, it was taken using Eil's camera phone (which you can tell doesn't take very good quality pic)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bibi attempts Yoga

Bibi was reading some of my old posts and he found one about me doing yoga. So being the smarty pants who thinks he can do better, here are his attempts.

Stretch to your sides.

Ok... Hold on to your thigh....

Take deep breaths... in..... out...

Then he finally gave up and went to sleep instead. Haaa... He kinda look like he fainted out of exhaustion. Bibi, you should lose the flab first...

See, this is how we do it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My length

Some of my friends have been wondering how long I am.
I'm about 6 to 7 inches long, below you can see that I'm longer then Eil's palm

And here I'm getting a pat on my back (really)

Eil really likes to pat me, coz she says that I'm more gentle not like pysco Bibi and the smaller the hamster, the harder to hold on to them...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Fufu's back

Hey Everyone, I'm back... :)
After Witchy Cat (WC) try to get the treats that I keep in my mouth, my stuff doggie pals came to my aid.

They surrounded him and told him to leave me alone. Not feeling so great now huh WC.
I heard Eil might even give him a spanking for disturbing me when she gets home tonite.
But I kinda like the idea of putting WC together with Huskee's hamster sisters, see how he like to being terrorised. Hee hee

Then mama gave me grapes as treats. Yummy...
Eil went out with Jay and Boo boo's owners on Sat to buy materials for the DWB X'mas card exchange. I'm so looking forward to it and I'll be sure to contribute my ideas. hee

Friday, November 03, 2006

Evil Cat. HELP!

Witchy Cat (WC) has been eyeing my treats since halloween and I suspect he has been up to no good when he came to sit so close to me

Then he tried to get MY TREATS!! HELP!! Somebody Stop Him......

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Treats!

Check out the treats I got for Halloween. :)

Witchy Cat (WC) was eyeing my treats the whole time .

Quick, I'm running away to hide my treats before WC gets it. Hee hee :)