Friday, March 30, 2007

Things your humans can't live without

Hi Friends, what are the thing (non-living) that your humans can't live without??

For Eil, it'll be her mp3 player. (Can anyone see what song it's playing?) She listens to the songs during the bus trip to and fro work. And it's the thing that energizes her at the start of the day and keep her relaxed at the end of the day. She'll be frantically bored if she has to take a long bus ride without it...

Her item #2 that she can't live without would be her handphone/mobile phone. (Not too sure who Sunny is calling in that picture). This would be the device where she store all her friends contact numbers and it also has pictures of ME stored inside. :)

So doggies, what are the must have of your humans????
Have a good weekend everyone. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fufu plays ball

Hey everyone, here is a video of me playing the ping pong ball. I'm pretty good at getting the ball down... Hum.. is this considered football, basketball or golf???

Sorry about the video being dark. Eil still has no idea how to edit it, I need help from Geeky Boo...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Blues

Hi Doggies... I'm getting the Monday Blues today. The sky was all dark and gloomy when I woke up this morning and now it's a sunny and hot (Too HOT!) Plus Eil have to attend course this whole week, which means less blogging time for me. I wonder what's she's training? She already knows how to sit and shake paws..

It's time like these where I'm thankful got a good friend like Sunny for a shoulder to lean on.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Certified Pirate

What a coincidence that I was talking about pirates yesteday, last night I got a package from Captain Maverick, the great pirate doggie.

See, he sent me a Jack Sparrow bag. Goodie.. Now I can use it to store all my pirate loots. I just "looted" a piece of bread from Mama this morning. Hee hee

I also got a certificate, it reads:
Certificate of Piracy
This official certificate is issued to
Fufu the Pirate
King of the Crows Nest
In appreciation of his great efforts in assisting the pirate cause
Issued this day, Tuesday , 13 March, 2007
Captain Maverick the Pirate

There's also the captain's seal on that certificate.

Now that I'm a Certified Pirate... Walk the plank Duckie... Harr...

Thank you so much for the gifts Captain Maverick. :)
Everybody have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday, one of our local cinemas screened the trailer of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie "AT WORLD'S END" and after the trailer, they screen part 2 "DEAD MAN"S CHEST" for free

Since the screening was in the afternoon, Eil could not go (coz she's suppose to be working) but Mama went for it. One of Mama's all time favourite actor Mr Chow Yun-Fat was in the movie playing a pirate from Singapore. Mama said she could not recognize Mr Chow at all coz he was all bald and had funny beard. And Mama actually slept halfway during the screening of "Dead Man's Chest". Eil and I were pretty surprised! How can you sleep during a POTC movie??? There's Sotong (octopus) - face aka Davy Jones in there. And how can she not love everyone's favourite pirate Captain Jack Sparrow in there. (She did say the part where Captain Jack Sparrow was running away from the primates on the beach was very funny)

Mama also took back a set of the "At World's End" postcards home. Aren't these cool, which is your favourite character? I kinda like a bald Mr Chow. hee hee :)

Haarrr.. I'm wanna be a pirate like Captain Jack Sparrow when I grow up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Eil saw a sticker printing store the other day, so she browsed through their catelog and found the Hamtaro sticker set. She decided to print me a set of stickers with my name on it. It'll be like my own business card. :)

Isn't this nice, I can stick this on cards and mails that I send out to my friends. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Doggies... today I'm going to introduce you to... Sentosa. Which is a popular island resort in Singapore.

The picture above is the monorail which can get you to the island and it's places of attractions

Many of our doggies also like to go to the beach there to relax. See if you can spot the merlion in the above picture. In future, there will be an Integrated Resort there with Universal Studios. So this would be a great place to visit if you doggies want to come visit Singapore. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007


Alot of my doggie friends have cuz toys. I also want one too but they dont make them in hamsterrier size. Then yesterday, Eil came back with a mini ducky (with hair!?) for me and told me to treat it as my cuz.

Hum.... I dont know about this... what do you doggies think? This ducky sure looks funny with all that hair. Ok, now how should I play with this?? How do you guys play with your cuz?

*Gossip news from Reporter Fufu*
Doggies in Australia, you guys are in for a treat! Mr Rain is heading to Sydney for a concert! Hey if you doggies in down under happen to see any posters, flyers or anything about his concert can you get them for Eil, please~ I'll make her send you treats in exchange. hee... :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Monkey Day

YEAH!! It's friday today and the weekend is near~

WooHoo!! Check it out, my feet are off the ground....
Opps, I heard footsteps... I think mama is coming. I better hide before she scolds me for the mess.. Shhh... You guys didn't see me ok..

*Whispers* Everyone have a great weekend~

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thirsty Fufu

All the treat munching and playing around sure make me thirsty...

Am I glad I got the WHOLE big stick to myself.. hum why do I get this feeling that someone is spying on me??...

Some doggie friends have asked what is that pink flower thingy in my bowl. It's actually a mineral block that I can chew on. As the front teeth of a hamster never stop growing so I like to chew on stuff(chewing or mineral block) to wear them down.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Stick - part 2

Hey Doggies, remember my previous post about my treat stick?

(See, it's an empty stick)

Mama gave me a brand new one and I realized how much she scrapped away from the first stick

WooHoo!! This one is really full of treats!

I had a great time picking the nuts and seeds from the treat stick

(Can you see me?)

I can even play hide and seek with it and I can swing like a monkey with it too. Wee!!!

At the end of the day, mama wasn't too happy to find the mess that was left behind. There were seeds all over the place, some even fell out of my cage. Of course, by the time mama came to see I was sleeping away in one of my houses already. Someone else took the blame for that. :P

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Giant wheel and fur drive

Hey Doggies, guess what's that thingy in that picture below...

It looks like a half finish giant hamster wheel to me... wouldn't it be fun that it's big enough for all the doggies to go running in it. But Eil said that it's actually a ferris wheel call The Singapore Flyer which would be a giant observation wheel that will provide breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore when it's due to start operations in 2009. It sure looks fun, maybe you doggies can come visit when it's done.

My new doggie friend Tosca (who is really a perfect doggie) is starting a fur drive. Read more about it here.

I think that's a really nice and fun idea as I love to have fluffy beddings to make my house real comfy.

Great idea Tosca and thank you for all the nice things you said about me. Keep up the good work on being the perfect doggie. :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Why I blog

My doggie friend Sam I am wanna know why I blog,
  1. Why not?.. You dont see many hamsterrier blogs and it'll let people and doggies understand the hamsterriers better

  2. I made lots of wonderful friends (you guys remember the xmas card exchange event? wasn't it fun to get cards from so many friends from all over the world

  3. It's an easy way for Eil to keep track of my photos and funny things (I rather used the word amazing) that I did

Ok doggies, what are the reason you blog?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sunny play time

Sunny came by for a visit and I tried to invite Sunny to my little house for some snacks.

Ok Sunny, please come in.

What, the door is too small? Ok let's get you in 1 paw at a time.

End of the day, that's how much Sunny can come in. I tried to help... Really I did.. I think Sunny needs to go on a diet.

Here's a clip if me helping Sunny, sorry for the darkness. Eil still don't know how to work the lighting for filming videos.

Hey doggies, check out what tigersan did for me.

Isn't this great, I shall not fear jail again. Anyway I was framed the last time, I wasn't really gambling. And with the 2 integrated resorts coming to Singapore soon, I dont see what's wrong with a little card playing. :P

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Go straight to jail

Hi Doggies, remember I was learning to play cards yesterday?

(Huh?! What did I do?)

Mama put me to "jail" after that... She said good little kids do not gamble.. But but... I wasn't gambling.. I was just picking out cards.. no money or sunflower seeds were involved.. Boo hoo hoo...

Good thing Sunny came and rescue me out.

Don't I look sad after that. I'm not going to play with cards anymore..
Today is also the start of the Joey Palooza. Happy Birthday Joey!!! hope you get lots of cakes and may your wishes come true.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tremors in Singapore

Hey guys, there was a earthquake in Sumatra Indonesia just now and the tremors were felt in some parts of Singapore. Click here for more news.
Well, Eil was looking at the computer just now when she felt a little dizzy... She thought that it was from overworking (I personally thinks its coz she's be reading up too much news on Mr Rain) and went to the washroom when a colleague ran along the corridoor to tell everyone to evacuate the building as the building was shaking.
So later on when more people were gathered at the open area, some people were sharing their experience. Some of them felt nothing.. Eil's colleague said she saw the cubicle wall shook.
She later send phone messages to some other friends in different parts of Singapore and seems that they felt the tremor and were evacuated from their buildings too.
But we're all ok now, Eil's back in office now after an early lunch break. Thank you Isabella for asking about me. You got your news fast. ;)

Play cards

I thought I wanna learn something new.. something the humans play... so I tried learning to play with cards...

Ok, I'm picking my cards here...

Ok, do I win anything with this set of cards?

No?! I didn't win anything... this human game is so boring... I think my hamsterrier toys and doggies toys are much more fun...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend with Jay

Hello everydoggies, did you all had a great weekend? I know that alot of you miss Jay, so today's blog will have pictures of Jay and his playmates. J wanted to bring Jay out on Saturday, so Eil went to along to help handle the doggies. Eil told me to stay at home in case I get drowned in doggie poo or pee or get eaten up *sulks*

Handsome Jay was pretty happy that day.

Many people came forward to take pictures of Brandy too.

Whisky joining in the fun

And here's Coco the "Jaws" showing us what he felt about having his pictures taken. He sure does look pretty for a boy huh.

End of the day, J bought bread for me. Me eating the yummy bread here while Sunny can only drool from looking. heee Ü

Friday, March 02, 2007


I got a treat stick as one of a xmas gift and mama decided to let me try one. (YEAH!!)

She actually scrap off most of the treats from the stick coz she's afraid that the stick will attract ants and there's still some left for me to eat. The stick is then hang inside my cage.

The stick is so good to chew..

Yummy~ Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cold day

The weather is really strange in Singapore now. It was all sunny and hot last week then it rain non stop from yesterday afternoon.

Eil decided to let me have some of the cotten bedding that my friends gave me to keep me warm and comfy.

First, I try the square type that Joey and Tanner sent me.

ARGH!!! Can't pull it into my little house. Never mind I'll pull it down to my sleeping corner at the basement later.

Next, I try the wool type of bedding

Hee.. I looked like I grew white beard here..

Ah... it's warm and comfy in the house now.

*I've pull the square type of bedding to my sleeping corner last nite and it's great sleeping there now too*