Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cheer up

Dear doggies, I know that we are all still very sad with news of Oscar's passing but Opy said that we must blog on. And Joey and Tanner are trying to make doggies smile by being funny. So I'll show some of my funny photos too. Please cheer up ok~

Remember that picture last week where I'm hiding.. This is the picture from the other side of the box.

I'm trying to learn boxing here. You should always be on guard and put your paws at your cheek ready to punch anytime...

I'm doing Doga here.. I'm trying to put my legs over my head but it's really really hard. Can somedogs give me a helping paw here~

Monday, July 30, 2007

Goodbye Oscar

One of our DWB friend Oscar has crossed over the rainbow bridge on 28th July.

I'm so sad to hear about the news as Oscar is still so young and this is my favourite picture of sweet sweet Oscar as Sheriff Woody. My thoughts are with Oscar's family, please take care.
I know Oscar is in doggie heaven with Fufu now.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Psssstt doggies... I'm hiding now.. I can't see anything but tell me if this is a great hiding place or what. hee hee

Ok I'm out. Hee hee ... I sure like everydog's suggestion for big pink stuff doggie. Pinky Winky does sound very cute and Cotton Candy sounds so..... yummy. hee hee It's be raining lots over here in Singapore, I hope the doggies here keep dry and stay warm at home.

Have a great weekend doggies~

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New friend

Look, big yellow stuff doggie has a new friend.

It's a big PINK stuff doggie... :)

Can you see me in the picture???!! Hum.. what should I name this new doggie... It sure looks fatter, cleaner and smells nicer then big Yellow stuff doggie....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Book list

I've been tag by Sasha to list out my favorite books, here's what we're reading:

Sunny have been reading this book for some time but he didn't really learn the language. He read it so that he knows what he can order the next time he goes to a korean restaurant.

I on the other hand like to read books and magazines on pets so that I'll learn more about my furry friends.

Eil on the other hand likes to read books with lots of pictures with little words in them. Guess she's not very literate.. *sigh*

Eil likes to read chick lit books, she loves the shopaholic series by Sophia Kinsella and is waiting to get her paws on the latest book (SHOPAHOLIC & BABY). She just finished reading this book below, doesn't that dog on the cover reminds you of Joey.

So doggies, what books do you and your humans like to read?

Monday, July 23, 2007


A few of us Singapore DWB members have thought of coming up with a DWB SingaPAW icon. It'll go so nicely with our national day next month. And we had so much ideas that we came up with a few:
If you Singapore Doggies like the icons, you can copy and paste them to your blogs. :)
If you need help with the codes drop me an email ok. :)



#3 - A little grainy but still looks fun

Today's post continues below...

Sheep rug

My friend Simba has a sheep rug. It sure looks very comfy doesn't it...

So I want to try one too~

Do you think it looks good in my home? But we sure dont need it in hot hot Singapore

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Fun

It's Friday today which means the weekend is near.

Hum... Maybe I should go out for a spin in my hot pink car. Who should I bring with me....

Ben wants to see my smile. This is for all my doggie friends, a big "YEAH" smile. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to make Joey move

Dear doggies, I have finally figured how to make Joey the Hammie move and get some excercise.

You see that little white ring at his bum bum, you're suppose to pull it away from him... Like what I'm doing here.

Then off he goes jiggling away.. Haa haa.. Joey come chase me. Woo~

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bean sprout is good

I like to eat bean sprouts, it's crunchy and is juicy.

Do you doggies eat this too?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Blues

It's Monday again....

I'm so bored and getting the blues~

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thank you Snowball

I got a package from cute cute Snowball

See there's a note with her picture and she gave me a see saw that I can play with Sunny & Joey the Hammie

Ok Hammies, here is how we're going to play...... (Asta, can you see my smile here..)

Yeah.... here we go. Thank you so much Snowball for the fun gift. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hey Doggies, remember last time I told you that Mama wasn't happy that I was cleaning my house and dirtying her kitchen floor. So I decided to be a nice hamsterberian and help her keep her kitchen clean instead.

So there you go Mama. I hope you're happy now and have fun cleaning up MY house now.... I'm going to have a nap now. Wake me up when everything's clean

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's good to watch on TV these days?

Channel GG.. Heee hee.. You think I'll make a good weather girl?

Stika is so great to give me a Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Isn't it cool, I like the hot pink. :)
You and Tia are rockin' cool bloggers too. Woo~

Monday, July 09, 2007

Saturday, Eil went to Coco's barksday pawty. Happy Barksday to you Coco!

Look at Coco's cute duckie cake.

Coco sure was nice to get Eil to bring back a slice of his cake for me.

Thank you so much Coco. I really lurrrve the yummilicious cake. (I esp love the cream)

Nacho tagged me to show my smile. You can see me smiling while eating the cake right....

Friday, July 06, 2007

Pretty Simba Contest

There's a contest going on to make Simba the prettiest doggie. I'm still not sure what the winner of the contest will get but here are my pretty Simba pictures:

Japanese Simba in pretty kimono. Kawaii~

Korean Simba in colorful hanbok. Sarang Heyo~ Y

And last but not least. Princess Simba!!
So Simba, please pick me as the winner coz I made you so pretty~

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rice is Nice

Sometimes, mama gives me rice for dinner...

I like rice too, it's yummy~

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ask Eil

Hey Doggies, I got the questions that you all wanna ask Eil. So I put on my smart looking specy to take notes.
Due to not wanting any enemies (yes, she's that unpopular), her boss or any cats to be able to identify her (You never know who is reading your blogs in the World Wide Web) NO actual age and full name can be revealed. But if you really really wanna know, drop me an email and I'll tell ya.

Que #1 is from Holly, who wants to know how old is Eil, and what does she do during her days? Does she go to school or work, or both?
Ans: Let's just say Eil is about 4 dog years old (give or take... you go work the maths). She likes to read, surf the internet and she's a tv junkie. She does go to school and she does work.. Ok she works in a school and she has been working full-time for more then 1 dog year now and has completed her degree in Computing (via distance learning) a couple of years ago (human years this time not dog years)

Que #2 is from Luckie, who asked if Eil be getting a doggy brother or sister for me? How about another hammie? Does Eil have a boyfriend?
Ans: Eil would love to have a dog but as Eil is still staying with papa & mama (her parents) she can't keep one without them agreeing to it. Knowing the responsibilities it takes to have a dog, I dont think the family can make the commitments yet. Yes to another hammie if the opportunity comes. No boyfriend now but she'll say yes if Mr Rain asked. Or maybe Mr Kaneshiro, ok she'll even accept Mr Jerry Yan. (Eil: er.. ok Girl girl. I think you can just stop at the 'No" part)

Que #3 is from Joey, who would like to know how long Eil has had hamsters!
Ans: Eil has been keeping hamsters for about 4 years + now (human years) and I'm the 8th hamster she has.

Que #4 is from Ben who wants to know the process/progress of Eil getting hammies?? How & why she pick me??
Ans: Other then Bibi (the 6th hamster) who Eil bought from a pet shop that was closing down. The rest of the hamsters were given to Eil from her neighbour, friends, relative who found out that she has hamsters. I was given to Eil as a pair with another boy hamster from her colleague. But mama only wants to keep one of us as she dont want us to breed to produce a million hamsters. So they kept me (because I'm the cuterest) and returned the boy hammie to the original owner.

Que #5 is from Boy and Baby who want to know what is Eil's chinese name
Ans: Well since I'm not allowed to reveal her full name here. I'll give you her name in korean instead, it's 위령 (wi ryong)

Que #6 is from Amber who asks 1) Is she still studying?2) Why doesn't she have any doggies or other animals besides hammies? 3)What's her full name?
Ans: 1) Eil is not studying anything academically now but she does study other stuff on her own time that interest her. Like some foreign languages, pets stuff, interesting software...
2) Refer to Que #2, 3) Refer to Que #5.

Que #7 is from Oscar who wanna know Eil's favourite colour.
Ans: She loves PURPLE

Que #8
is from Maggie who asks how Eil has time to sign all of the blogs she signs!
Ans: Eil eats lunch really fast so she'll try to read as many of our friends blog as possible during lunch and she used her "research" time when she's not so busy to catch up too.

Que #9 from Boo who asked how old is Eil? bingo! that's one hard question for her to answer. then, her occupation.
Ans: Boo.. she's about 4 dog years old. and she's working as system support and she also helps out colleagues who have IT problems.

Que #10 is from Finnegan who asked what is Eil's favorite food?
Ans: That'll be chocolate and ice cream.

Que #11 is from Ike who asked what is Eil's favorite treat and does she like belly rubs?
Ans: That'll be Ice Cream and I dont think she likes belly rubs.. She said it's ticklish...

Que #12 is from Nachos who wanna know what are her hobbies??
Ans: That'll be listening to her mp3s, reading and travelling

Que #13 is from Tadpole who asked how long has Eil liked Mr. Rain?!
Ans: Slightly less then a year

Que #14 is from Mackie who asked if he followed Eil home, would she keep him?? (one of Eil's fav que)
Ans: Yes, definately YES!

Que #15 is from C-K-C who wanna know how many hamsters do you have beside GG and if none, are you going to get GG a playmate?
Ans: Currently, I'm the only hammie in the house. But yes, we will have another hammie if the right opportunity comes (e.g we see a hammie that we really have to bring home from the store/one of Eil's friends pass her another hammie)

Que #16 is from Ruby who asked Where is Eil's favorite place to visit?What makes Eil happy?
Ans: Eil likes to travel and the places where Eil enjoyed visiting are USA, Korea, Bangkok, Taipei. Reading our DWB friends blogs make her happy.

Que #17 is from Lorenza who wanna know Does she has a car??Does she works or studies??Does she has a boyfriend??Does she loves Mr. Rain?? Forget this... I know the answer!
Ans: No, she doesn't even have a driving licence. Refer to Que #1, Refer to Que # 2. And since you said no need to answer, I'll leave you with the picture below as the answer (and that is just one third of the loot she brought back from Bangkok)

Que #18 is from Bella who asked - where does she live and has she always lived there?- what is her favorite place to visit?
Ans: Eil lives in the west part of Singapore and she has always lived there all her life. Fav place to visit... refer to Que #16

Que #19 is from Huskee who asked the cutest questions: 1) Is she dating? If 'no', proceed to Qn 2. If 'yes', I have no other questions.2) Does she mind younger guys? (More like 8 yrs old??)3) Does she mind shorter guys? (Somewhere up to her knees??)4) Does she mind a 4-legged boyfriend who's umm.. a bit furry(in black and white with some silver)??
Ans: 1)No, she's not dating. 2)She dont mind younger guys (Mr Rain is also younger then her) 3) Ok one thing Eil doesn't like is guys who are shorter then her. 4) Hum... I wonder who you're talking about here...

Que #20 is from Copper who wanna know Does Eli live in a highrise or a house? How old is she?
Ans: Unlike me who has my own 3 story house, Eil lives in a highrise just like 90% of Singaporeans. And she's 4 years old refer to Que#1

Ok, that's a wrap. Phew taking notes is such a BIG task.. I gotta take a nap now. Bye~

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Toy and Ask Eil

Can you believe Eil forgot to put up the pictures of this toy that Sunshade and Jaffa also sent to me yesterday!! I hope she's not having alzehmers.. but then again, she's like a million hamster years old.. So I guess I'll forgive her...

Yeah.. there finally is a hamster smaller then me. :)

I'm going to call you Jaffy.. I'm giving Jaffy a welcome kiss here. :)
Goofy tagged me to talk about my hooman. I'm not sure what you doggies want to know about Eil (she's boring~) So, I'll let you doggies ask what you wanna know about Eil. Just leave your questions at the comments section and I'll get her to answer them on the next post. Heee. Happy asking~

Monday, July 02, 2007

Thank you Sunshade and Jaffa

Look at what came to my mail box over the weekend....

Pretty Sunshade and cute cute Jaffa sent me and Eil really nice gifts..

Sunshade asked her mum to get us this card coz it kinda reminds us of Fufu. And in a way, he "retired" from blogging so I'm trying to fill his "shoes" now.

Isn't this a HUGE card. I gotta walk out of my house to read what they wrote.

Jaffa is so nice to ask his mum to get Eil this cute tee. ok FYI, I didn't make Eil do anything... Anyway, she gotta lose some weight before she can wear this. hee hee