Monday, April 30, 2007

Chat fun

Hey Doggies, that chat session was really fun. It's so nice to 'meet' so many of you doggies that I'm familiar with and to meet new doggie friends too. The chatroom is still very much active this morning and I can see that some doggies are having alot of fun here and haven't update their blog (me included)

Ok, I got ready my cheese and wine for more chat later~

Friday, April 27, 2007

Itchy Friday

Hey Doggies, what do you do when your back feels itchy?

Why, you scratch it of course. Well in the case where you can't reach your back... just find somewhere and rub against it. Heee Have a great weekend you all~

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Food Blog - Korean food

Since the last food blog was pretty well received, I'm going to show you doggies another one. My mother-in-law (Huskee's maid) and Eil had craving for korean food last week. So they went to a Korean BBQ restaurant over the weekend.

See, these are just the side dishes... lots of vegetables

The meat (they ordered beef and chicken) and some rice cake goes into the metal grill to be BBQ. Yummy~

Dessert was watermelon cut into heart shapes. Isn't this sweet....

Boo hoo hoo~ how come I didn't get to go to the restaurant. (Those are not my tears, it's just water from the water bottle I was playing with. But I do look sad here right?) Eil's excuse was that, the people there might mistaken me for some exotic meat and BBQ me instead and the smell there wasn't so great. But she did give me lots of treats when she came home that night. Hum.... should I forgive her?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cheese & wine Pawty

Hey Doggies, there's a DWB Pawty coming up soon. See the details here

I dont drink wine.. but I think I can contribute some of my vitamins for the pawty

Eil found a picture of cheese. Dont these look yummy...

I wonder if chips are allowed, this mouse seemed happy eating chips.
The DWB is such a wonderful community, I've know alot of friends from there. I'm looking forward to 'meet' you doggies during the chat.
For local doggies in Singapore, a few of the humans are thinking of gathering at a place to participate in this chat. For more details, look here and you can contact me or Bond if you want to join us.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Girly Hi

Hello Doggies, I'm Girl girl... Fufu's new sister. He shows me all your doggies' blog, I like doggies very much, I've never met one up close before but I think doggies are nice. Fufu is a great big brother, he lets me blog an entry today.

Fufu also shares his toys with me. I'm hugging the tv here coz I like it very much.

I sleep inside the TV, there's a white mousy that sleeps with me inside. I think Fufu's friend Boo gave him the mouse. Should I give the mouse a name?

I like this hammie very much, he looks like Fufu. Mama says that I'm a good girl that I dont bite the hammie. I want to name this hammie Joey after Joe Stains the doggie. I think he has a very funny blog and he always makes me laugh. Fufu says Joey's a great brother too.

I'm grooming Joey the Hammie here. Eil shoot a video of me, Fufu says that my video makes him dizzy and I had too much sugar. I dont know what that means, Eil dont feed me sugar. I eat sunflower seeds and hamster food. Ok, Fufu is telling me to take a nap now after all the running. Bye Doggies~

Monday, April 23, 2007

Werid things

Hey guys, I'm gonna show you some weird things happening here. One fine morning I woke up and saw this.... What happened?? How did they end up there? You think the aliens came?

Then I saw this picture... Since when did Sunny go for sun-tan?? And how come I didn't know about it (Sunny: Coz you were sleeping...)

Gez.. These are really weird. I think I need to go back to sleep some more. Anyway here's a short video of me trying to invite Big Stuff Doggie into my house. You might have to manually tune your screen brighter. Sorry about that. heeee

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bear, bears and more BEARS

Hey Doggies, do you or your humans like to collect things? Eil likes to collect Hard Rock Cafe items. So when she goes travelling, she'll try to get a Hard Rock Cafe bear as some of them are really unique to their country and each of them have their state or city on their shirt. Some of these are given to Eil from her friends too.

Here are some koala, kangeroo, bear and sheep from Australia and New Zealand

These bears are from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

The bear in dark blue is from Malaysia and there's some elephants from Thailand

These are from Japan and Korea

This big gang are from USA, Canada and some parts of Europe

Last but not least these are from Singapore

There's some other collectables here. Do you guys spot your state or city on the bear's shirt? Mama always complain that Eil has too much bear and there is no more space in her room. Mama also said that if Eil gets more bear, either Eil or the bears get out of the room. I wanna ask Mama if Eil gets kick out of the room, can I move in there and get the super big bed?? hee hee Of course Eil's favourite bear is ME!

(Fufu the bear look alike)

Have a good weekend doggies~

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm a boy!!

Hey Doggies.. thanks for all the nice comments you guys left me for yesterday's post. It's really nice to see many of you care and you all gave Girl girl a very warm welcome. But I dont know why some of you thought that I'm a girl. Boo!!! I can't believe you didn't know I was a boy or girl...
For the records, I'm a boy and here's a picture of me to prove it.. er... underage doggies cover your eyes ok..

See my boy bits there, ok I'm a little shy there so I didn't smile for this picture. To answer some of your questions. Girl girl is a sapphire winter white, Eil thinks she's about 3 months old from her size. I'm a syrian hamsterrier and I'm bigger then Girl Girl (about double her length) . We dont stay together, I have my own house and she lives in her own place. Her cage is placed above my house. So she wakes me up every morning when she runs noisily on the wheel. We dont get placed together coz we're of different breed and I'm all slow and relaxed while she's all speedy and jumpy. So we just look at each other through our cages.

I loan her some of my toys to welcome her, Eil says that I'm a good big brother. She's really nice to that stuff hammie (that my mother-in-law) gave me as she doesn't bite it. I'll ask her what she's going to name that stuff hammie next time. And if Girl girl is nice and behaves herself, I'll let her guest blog sometimes. Meanwhile, here's a video of Ms Speedy Girl. See how fast she can run and she can even turn around and run in the other direction real fast.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Farewell and Welcome

Those who have been reading my blog since it started last year knows that I have a hamster neighbour Bibi who lived in a cage above me. I'm very sad to tell you doggies that Bibi passed away on 31 Jan 2007. I didn't blog about it at that time because I really didn't want to make you doggies sad. But the family have come to terms with it now and thinks that we should say a proper farewell to Bibi. And being a good hamster, we believe that Bibi would be in hamster heaven with lots of other friends and is happy now. I'll miss you Bibi, thank you for your companionship~

Last week, one of Eil's colleage gave her a pair of hamsters when he heard that there's only old me left.

(aren't they cute drinking water)

But being a practical person, mama didn't want a billion hammies to come out from this pair of hammies. And there isn't a snip snip operation available for little hamster boys. So, we could only pick one of them to stay with us.

(Girl girl with stuff friend)

So we pick...... the girl hamster and mama and Eil can't think of any cute name to call her and so they have been calling her Girl girl (that's so... original). The boy hammie have been returned to the original owner so we know that he's been well taken care of too.

Girl girl is really full of energy, see this little clip of her. She just can't stop moving about, she looks cute washing her face too. Everydoggie, say Hi to girl girl my new sister hammie. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Food Blog

Hey Doggies, today I'm going to do a food blog (yum yum)


This is one of Eil's favourite food. It's call Bibimbap, it's a popular Korean dish and the word literally means "mixed rice" or "mixed meal." It gets served as shown in the picture then you add your own pepper paste and mixed the ingredients in the rice.

(Fried carrot cake)

Another food that I'm gonna introduce to you is Fried Carrot Cake. Most of you are familiar with the pastery type of carrot cake. But over here in Singapore, we use white raddish and fry it with egg. There's a dark version (which is sweeter) and the light version (which is more salty). Here's the receipe for it.

Hope you like today's food blog, I'm off to drink up my vitamins~

Monday, April 16, 2007

See Saw...

Hey Doggies, did you all have a great weekend? Some of you noticed my see-saw in one of my post last week. It's a christmas present from Jack & Joey.

I'm checking out how the Hammie on the box plays with it. Then I try it out myself.

Oh you can sneak in below the board. It makes a good sleeping place there too.

I got on it, see I'm pretty good at balancing on this thing. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hamtom of the Opera

Guess where Eil and Mama went last night ...

They went to see Phantom of the Opera but didn't bring me or Sunny *sulks*

This is the second time this musical is here in Singapore. Mama actually watched the show in London donkey years ago (How long is one donkey year anyway??). This is the first time Eil is watching a musical.

See how nice they decorated the Esplanade with the props

They didn't get the expansive seats and end up sitting way up in the theater (but still in the center) and the characters actually look like sunflower seeds to Eil. But it's a musical and you're suppose to LISTEN to it. If you wanna see the characters up close, you could have watched the movie version. And you wouldn't wanna sit too close to the front unless you want to risk your head getting hit by the chandelier. Eil said it was pretty good, there were pyrotechnics and the effects are really good. I like Mr Phantom, he can sing very well. And he has a boat which he can row on the stage (Suppose to be his secret lair).

You doggies think I'll make a good phantom? I wanna be the Hamtom of the Opera. Now.. who wanna give me singing lessons?

Reporter Fufu: Meanwhile guess who is getting cozy with Mr Koala?
Oh, and congrates to my pretty Mother-in-law on her convo today. Do send me pictures of Huskee and you in your graduation gown ok. :)
Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bath Time

It's bath time for me again... And into the sandbox I go.

I wasn't too happy about taking baths.

You can see me trying to get out of the box in the video.. Let me out~

Meanwhile, mama is putting new bedding and comfy grass in my house after cleaning it.

Yeah, finally after a loooooonnnggg...... bath. I can come out to a clean house. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sunny in the house

Hey Everyone, I'm Sunny! Fufu's friend and I'm in the house (literally)

Oh.. Fufu is here, let's go play... oh oh.. I'm stuck.. Fufu!! Help me out!

Ouchie!... Fufu.. get me out of the house, QUICK!!

Phew... Thank goodness Fufu manage to get me out. Yeah... let's go play now.
Fufu: *Sigh* I think someone needs to go on a diet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hey Doggies, last saturday Eil meet up with J and Jay. hee.. Here's a preview of how Jay looks like now with his new hair cut. Doesn't he look cute like a puppy? But Jay is still shy about his new looks so shh... dont tell him you saw his photo here..

Reporter Fufu heard some rumors that Mr Rain has his own doggie too. Look at the doggie, isn't he cute? So nice of Mr Rain to be a dog lover too, I hope this doggie joins DWB.

Meanwhile, I'm just getting cozy (did you see all the comfy cotten) with Sunny.

Updates from Reporter Fufu:
Mr Rain is going to have a concert in Sydney this Saturday. And seems that he has arrived in down under already. So doggies in Sydney, keep a look out for him (Is it raining at your side now? He does have the talent to bring real rain when he's having concert)

More headline news, he is also heading to Toronto in June for his world tour. Can someone get (er.. I mean borrow) one of those posters for Eil if you see it...