Friday, September 29, 2006

Training the owner

Many of my doggie friends have advise me not to perform my tricks freely and to demand for treats. So I decide to train my owners instead. hee

What no treats, no way am I giving you my paw...

Ok, that's much better. yummy...

Ok, here.. shake paws...

Yeah.. keep the treats coming in. :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tug of war

I've been playing a new game with Eil lately. One day when she was taking pictures of me, I spy the string cord of the camera. It looks fun so I bite it.

Then Eil pulled it back out...

NO!!!.. Give it to me...

Eil told me that the name of this game is call tug of war. It sure is fun, I think I have to start training so that I can pull the whole string in.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sunflower Seeds

Everyone knows that hamsters eat lots of sunflower seeds. And mama buys those big sunflower seeds for us.

So one day when Eil was feeding us, she thought she'll be nice to crack the shells for us. Then she discovered that the seed inside is so much smaller then the shell...

See the seed is only like half the size of the shell. It's such a scam that the shell looks so big but the seed is so small. So Eil decided to give us more seeds in the future. YEAH!!

Talking about seed, Eil has this hamster toy in her room that has a mega seed (it's the size of Bibi)

How nice if I can get him to share his seed. Does he look a little like me by the way?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fufu love Huskee's Maid

Ok, the title of this post kinda sound wrong. It makes me sound like some dirty old man but I didn't do anything naughty with Huskee's maid ok.

Eil met up with Huskee's Maid last week and she was so nice to pass me a present. I got a whole packet of hamster food that is full of vitamins and will make me more healthy.

(what's this?)

I will be nice and share it with Bibi...

(Oh.. it's full of vitamins)

But mama said we can't open this pack of food yet. At least not until we've finished our current food. Maybe I should tell Bibi to eat more food so that we can finish our current stash faster then we can eat new food. hee...

(I wanna open...)

Huskee's Maid, Thank you very much (Kamsa hamnida) for the present.
I like it very much. ;)

Jay's Birthday

For Jay's rebirth/15th Birthday on 23rd Sep. Bibi and I made him a card

(Front of card)

(Inside of card)

Haa. It's a shiny card, Bibi designed the front while I designed the insides but of course we made Eil do the actual sticking. We dont want to get our paws sticky...

We also got him a blankie for the birthday present. As J is always hogging his blanket, we thought it'll be nice to have his own comfy blanket.

(cute and comfy blanket)

(Jay's present all wrapped up)

Eil told us that there were lots of doggies at the party and she also got to meet Boo boo who was a very well behaved dog. And apparently my prayers worked, it didn't rain that day. So Jay and his guest had a nice party with lots of food and goodies.

When Eil came back at night, I was so excited waiting for her even thought I was sleepy already. Previously Jay told me that he had prepared a special goodie bag for me but when Eil came back she told me she forgot to bring my goodie bag home. I was pretty mad at her for forgetting my goodies when it turned out that the blur women even forgot her own human goodie bag. So I forgave her after she apologize and gave me some banana muffins that she brought back.

J jie jie is kind enough to tell me that she'll pass me my goodie bag another time. Yeah. hee
Thank you J jie jie and Jay I hope you liked our present and enjoyed your party. ;)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Short post

Eil is taking leave from work today. Coz she's going over to Jiejie J's house to help out in Jay's party.
And so, she told me to keep my post short and sweet. Have a great weekend everyone.
I'll come back with reports on Jay's party next week .

See ya~

My hamster family

Before the family had me and Bibi, they had 5 other hamsters already. But all 5 are in hamster heaven now. I didn't get to meet all of them, but when I came into the family 2 of them are still around. I thought it'll be nice to introduce them to my friends. Sorry for the blurry pictures as Eil's photography skills were real lousy back then.

First hamsters to come into the family are a pair of Roborovskis. They were given to the family from their neighbour. They were very small in size and can run very fast.

The girl hamster (left) was call Jerry (nickname Jer-jer)
The boy hamster (right) was call Ah Pui (nickname Pui-pui)
(see Jerry sleeps belly up too)

Jerry was such a sweet girl and never bites Eil but she grew a growth from her tummy and went to hamster heaven in about a year.
Pui-pui was like a bad tempered old man. He's such a grumpy hamster but he lived the longest at more then 2.5 yrs. I even met him when I came into the family.

Next to come to the family were 3 siblings of Winter Whites that were given to Eil from her
colleague last time. The funny thing is their parents are both pearl white, yet they produced a batch of 2 pearl white and 3 sapphire babies. The family adopted both the white babies and 1 grey sapphire.

The sapphire boy hamster (left) was call Gu-zai (nickname Ah Gu)
The pearl girl hamster (middle) was call Whitey (nickname White-ti-ti)
The other pearl girl hamster (right) was call Sleepy (nickname Sleep-pi-pi)
So at one point of time, there were 5 hamsters in the family. The 3 siblings got alone well in the beginning. Then Ah Gui gang up with Whitey to bully Sleepy so mam had to seperate them at later stage.
Whitey was the funny one in the group who loves to jump from toys and chew stuff. She lived for about 1.5 yr.
(Whitey happily smiling)

Ah Gu was the greediest one of the lot, he was even fatter then Bibi. He was papa's favourite so he was given lots of treats. He lived a little longer then 1.5 yr before he went to hamster heaven. Sleepy was mama's favourite girl and would lie still to let mama stroke her back. She lived for about 2 yrs and was still around when I came into the family.

Then next, I came into the family around Feb 2005. And as some of you might already know, I was given to the family from their cousin.
Bibi was bought from a pet shop by Eil. He came into the family around Aug 2005 but when he came in the other 5 hamsters were no longer around. So I'm the only other hamster that he know of.

So here's the hamsters that the family had and we hoped that the 5 of them had a good life when they were living here and are all now in hamster heaven together with each other.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jay's party coming up

My good friend Jay's rebirth/birthday party is coming soon... This Saturday in fact.
But Eil is not bringing me go, coz she gotta help out in the party and there's no one to hamster-sit me. And there'll be many doggies there so I'm also a little scare of stepping in dog poo myself.
I hope Eil bring me back some goodies from the party. I heard there's cake (oh, i love cake hee) and lots of cool stuff.
I saw Jay's posting of the party hat some time back. I thought it'll be fun to photoshop it on myself to see how I'll look with it. I think it'll look nice on me too right (hint hint...)

Washing face

I'm being tagged by my friend Sunshade, hee but I already did my list here already.
So Sunshade, how about I do a special blog on wiping face for you ok. :)
Sunshade says there's a "Wipe Face" trick, so I'm gonna try if I can do it.

I just put both my paws in front and rub it real fast from my nose downwards. Am I doing this right Sunshade?

I asked Bibi to try the trick ok, seems that he has a little difficulty doind it. You can see from the picture that he's gonna tumble to his side. Maybe coz he's such a fatty bom. haaa.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Smelly Legs

Eil got a toy doggie for me to play. But since it's too big to fit in my cage, I can only 'play' with the dog with the cage bar between us.

Evil Eil would ask me to smell the doggie's leg. Ask you can tell from the photo it didn't smell too nice.

So I did what normal hamsters would do. I bite the toy doggie's leg hee.. Eil wasn't too happy about it and she wouldn't let me 'play' with the doggie anymore...

Learning to shake paws

In my quest to become a doggie, Eil is teaching me some common doggie tricks.
I can do sit very well and for very long period of time. Hee

These days when Eil is in front of my cage, sometimes I'll put my paws on the bars of my cage.

Then Eil would put out a finger and hold my paw and say "Shake hand". At first I didn't like it and pull my paw back quickly. After a few more times, I would let her hold my paw a little longer before I pull it back. (If she gives me a treat like walnut, I'll let her hold longer) It's not really that fun for me but it seems to entertain Eil a lot.

Is shaking paws a good trick to learn? Can my doggie friends please advise...

Fufu being tagged again!

I'm being tagged once again, by both Jay and Lulu.
Well they seem to be both playing different type of tag games with different rules.

Lulu's game is to to list five weird things about myself. Which I did before last time, so I'll just point you guys to the link here ok. ;)

Jay's game is to name five things that make a true doggie friend. Well Jay picked me coz I'm a dog in hamster's body. haa..

Ok here goes:
  • Always be nice to your neighbours (even if they are cranky like Bibi)
  • Eat whatever is given to you, dont be choosy on food. :)
  • Always pee in the same spot, so that mama only need to clean 1 spot every morning.
  • Always look cute when posing for pictures.
  • Once in a while, do funny things to entertain the humans (like playing fetch)
Well, I shall be nice and not tag anyone but do feel free to play this game and tag your other friends. :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bibi from Mafia?

Sometimes I wonder if my neighbour upstairs Bibi is from the Mafia.
Look at how sulky his face is when taking his picture

He does look more like the security guard uncle then a pet hamster looking out from his capsule house doesn't he. Heee
And when he decided to go nutty, he try to fight his water bottle and bite it.
Haa.. silly boy, that thing is made of metal... You think you can bite that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peek a Boo

Eil was playing with me when she left the top door of my cage open.
So being the curious hamster that I am, I put my head out for a peek.

It was kinda weird to be able to stretch my head out so far, usually the bars of the cage would stop me. And it seems pretty fun to be playing chin ups.

But Eil put me back into the cage and lock up the door before I can wonder too far.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fufu and the wheel

I know that hamsters are suppose to run in the wheel and it's some form of exercise for us. So I tried the wheel yesterday.

After a while I got bored. There's nothing challenging with just running the wheel and you are still in the same place.
So I decided to try something else...

A little squeezy but I'm getting there...

Almost there...

Yeah.. I finally climbed up the cage using the wheel. Haa... Is this considered extreme sports?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fufu in dictionary

Hey, my name Fufu is in the dictionary.

See the definition here.

According to The Free Dictionary:

fu·fu or fu-fu (n).
A thick, doughlike West African food made by boiling and pounding a starchy vegetable such as yam, plantain, or cassava.
[Of West African origin.]

Hum... that's not what my name originally means. Seems that the dictionary thinks I'm some kind of food.
Maybe I should write my own definition

A cute, male syrian hamster who looks like a white and brown bear that lives in sunny Singapore.

How's that? hee

Fufu become dog?

I have many doggie friends and all of them are very nice. Eil sometimes also gives me treats meant for dogs. I think I must have ate too much doggie treats coz Eil said that I behave like a doggie sometimes.

I like to play fetch with mama. I have a bowl in my house where they put food. At night when I come out to play. I like to pick up the bowl with my mouth and bring it to the ground floor of my house.

(picking up the bowl)

(bringing the bowl to ground floor)

Then mama would open my cage and take the bowl back up to the upper floors, I would repeat and bite the bowl down to ground floor again. This would continue until I hide the bowl in the far corner so that mama cannot take the bowl and which means I win the game. heee

(Let's do it again!)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

House got downgrade?

The other day mama took me out of my landed propety house and put me in this paper box.
At first I was so exicited and start sniffing around..

Then I got worried. Does it means that I'm getting a housing downgrade? I dont wanna live in a box.. I like my 3-story house... Help... I wanna get out!

Then Eil told me that it's just a box for me to walk about and I'll be going back to my house soon. I felt so relieve, then I decide to be nice and pose for a pic. Ain't I cute. heee :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This bed is too small...

Eil got a small bed from I dont know where. After putting some tissue in it, it does look pretty comfy.
Let me check it out...

Seems a bit small for me...

Maybe Bibi should try it.

It seems just nice for him and he can zzz inside

So nice, I also want a bed of my own.

Eil just told me that Jay's owner J jie jie bought the bed.
J jie jie, the bed is too small for me. Now Bibi using it.
Can get me one that is my size please....... hee..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Too early!

It rained real early this morning and the loud thunder woke me up. You can tell from the picture that I'm still sleepy as my eyes are still closed... zzz..

I came out peek if there's any food. What?! Why is my bowl empty. No food yet..

How come nobody tell me got hay stuck in my ears. I look so untidy...

Finally after 30 mins, my eyes open up more.. But I'm still sleepy. It's too early... I wanna go back to sleep.