Monday, July 31, 2006

I love fireworks

Hi All,

Bibi the hamster here... I'm guest blogging today because Fufu is too sad to blog as no one said he's cute (eveyone feels I'm cuter. hee)

Well so more pictures of me...

I'm great at posing for photos ain't I?

Anyway, the topic I wanna blog about today is fireworks!
The family managed to get tickets to the National Day Parade Preview on Saturday and all of them went and left me and Fufu at home. Which makes Fufu even more sad :(

Well, they came back home and told me what was it about and show me some pictures.
I like the fireworks thingy very much. It's like a shiny flower opening up in the sky then become little shiny diamond dust that comes down...

I wished that someone had brought me there. I'm sure I can be smuggled in a bag. But they did said that the security was tight and there were scanning machines. hum.. I dont think I wanna be scan by one of those...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bibi is a baby

You might have already know that my neighbour Bibi got his name because he is like a baby.
How? you might ask can a hamster act like a baby???

Well for starters, he looks like one when he lie down on his back. And he's so chubby...

Then, he drinks water from his water bottle just like how a baby would...

So now you know how he get his name. And in case you think Bibi is real cute.
Here's prove that I'm way.... cuter. :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yogurt is good for you

I love yogurt!

They are so smooth and creamy and so tasty. And they are really good for you since it has calcium. And I had those that are low-fat. So that I won't become a fatty like Bibi.


Gimme more...

Anyway, I think I've always update on my blog on the tasty food that I've eaten. Maybe someone should ask me to write food reviews for them. haa

Here's a pic of fatty Bibi having some yogurt too.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stunt Hamster

Papa and Mama recently went to watch a magic show where there were animals and they thought that the animals were clever.

But I'm very clever too... I can do stunts like climb up my cage with my bare hands and feet.

So I am able to climb from first level to the 3rd level of my house in record time.
See in the picture above I'm climbing over the wheel, isn't it clever.
It is actually quite dangerous as the wheel can turn any time and I could fall. (untrained hamsters reading this, please do not try this at home) But I actually have no problem doing this and am able to get to the 3rd level safely.

Jacky Chan, if you're reading this next time you do a movie that needs hamsters rememeber to contact me ok. :)


Today is Jay's owner birthday.
Happy Birthday J!!

Remember to gimme some of the birthday cake.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I got chocolate chiffon cake

Hee, last week mama bought some chocolate chiffon cake (which the seller says they use dark chocolate). It's so nice and yummy. The family keep it in the fridge then when they wanna eat they just served it cold and as usual they'll give some to me and Bibi.

I'm been eating that for breakfast for the past 3 days and I like it so much that when the family put seeds in my food tray, I dont eat them. I sit and wait for chocolate cake..

(please... pretty please. dont I look cute here. Give me some treats)

Hee.. I think they get my hint when they see that I dont touch my seeds, they will give me some cake. yum yum... Then later part of the day when I feel like snacking, I'll eat the seeds then.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Jay come visits me

You all remember my doggie friend Jay?

He came to visit me yesterday. So nice of him...
I was still sleeping when i heard people outside of my cage. So I popped my head out of my tree trunk and I saw Jay sniffing at my cage. (He has to sniff coz he can't see very well)

What a nice surprise. But Jay is alot bigger then I thought he'll be. Until then I was the biggest pet in the house. So I was a little scare and stand still on my tree trunk to sniff him.
But he was real nice and just sniff, he didn't bark or growl at me. Which would have scare me alot.

Come visit me again when you free ok Jay.. :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Black Forest Cake - I like...

After that day I fell from the outside of my cage back into the cage, I learnt my lesson already. So these days when the mom open the top to clean my cage, I just peep up from my little house. I dont dare to climb up anymore.

Anyway all is well again as the family got Black Forest Cake and I have been eating that at night as dessert. The family gave me the cake part, I didn't get any cream but it was delicious

Bibi was such a show off. He ran really fast in his wheel when the humans were eating the cake, so they thought that he was real clever and start giving him cake too. Haa
I hope to eat cakes of other flavors too..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The escape that fails

Today while the mum of the family was cleaning my cage, she left the door open.
Haa.. I tot i would make my way out for a little exploration

I quite clever right, I can climb out of the cage with my strong arms. hee..
So I just climb out and since I was unfamilar outside of my cage, I climbed real slow and sniff my way around..

Then the mom spotted me outside and she thought that I was trying to escape, since she dont dare to pick me up with her hands she use a plastic spoon and try to push me back into my cage.
Then I was panicking also. I can't remember how it happened, suddenly I dropped back into my cage again. I was in shock that I faster run back to my tree trunk and hide.

Hum... she could have just tell me to go back, no need to push me mah. Make me so scare. I swear I wasn't going to escape... I was just..... looking around only. Anyway, who's gonna feed me treats if I leave.

All's ok now. The mum has given me some treats and I'm back to sleeping after my treats. Hee..
Maybe next time I should just take a peek and return to my cage faster so that they dont know that I've been out.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Woh, on saturday the ladies of the family brought back sunflowers.
I wonder where they get them from. The flower are really big and pretty. I wonder if they will dry out the flowers then get sunflower seeds from there.

Hum.. wonder if I can smuggle 1 of the sunflowers to my little house then I can get supplies of seeds. heee

Friday, July 14, 2006

Virtual Pets

Hey if you love hamsters but are not able to keep one for some reason.
Keep a virtual hamster.

They're almost just as cute and you dont have to worry about not having enough time or forget to feed it.
I've adopted one below and I'm going to call it Hammie. Haa..
You can make it run the wheel but putting it on the wheel and you can feed it strawberries by click on more.

adopt your own virtual pet!

This pig is also so cute that I'm adopting it too. :)

adopt your own virtual pet!


Yesterday the family had mochi. I love mochi. Whenever I hear the rustling sound of the mochi wrapper opening, I would come out from where I was and stand in front. To make sure everyone can see me so that they share with me the treats.

I'm very clever, when I'm given a piece of mochi I would not eat it immediately. I would put it in my cheek pouch first, then stand and look cute so that they would feed me more of it. Then later on whenever I feel like it, I can take out the food from my cheek pouch and eat as and when I like. Hee.. In this way I can get more treats.

Mochi are sticky treats. When I'm holding 1, it'll stick to my hand making it quite challenging to eat. But I always lick my hands clean after that.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


My neighbour upstairs Bibi claims that he can run very fast.
There's a picture below to prove it.

I dont really like to run on the wheel because I think walking up and down a 3 story house is pretty tiring and enough exercise for a hamster like me.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Multi Language Hamster

As you can see from my profile, I'm from Singapore. (For those of you who do not know where Singapore is, it's a country in Southeast Asia.)

So living in a multi-racial country and being the curious hamster that I am, I want to learn what hamsters are called in different languages.

I know in chinese, we are call 仓鼠 (chang su).

And in malay, we should be known as tikus hamster
In spanish, we are ratón (pronounced as rrrahhh-thone according to Ann. Ü)

In laos, we are noo

We are also known as noo in thai too. (*Thanks Ann for the last 3 languages)

Well, there... these are the few languages I know of. If you know any other languages of what hamster is call, please let me know ok. :)

Fufu has new friend

Everybody knows how nice and kind hamsters are right? And being the friendly fellow that I am, of course I have many friends. You wouldn't think that Bibi is my only friend would you...

I also have friends who are not hamsters. My new friend is Jay the dog who is a 15 year old Australian Silky Terrier. Jay currently suffers from chronic renal failure (CRF) and heart murmur, but is coping well with loving care from his family.

Everyone go visit his blog at and leave him encouraging messages ok.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The family gave me something they called the handphone, they say it allows you to contact someone else with it. I wonder how it works. The keypads are just right for my paws.

Let me see if I have the user manual in my pocket.. Maybe I can call Bibi and chat with him.

Meanwhile, somewhere upstairs.... zzzzzz

HELP.. Can someone teach me how to use this handphone thingy??..

Fun stuff

Today I learn of this web site where you can create funny things and put on your own web site. See I got a magic 8 ball on the right side.
There's a game below to save Harold the hamster too.

Haa.. Go play with it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

My Toys

Today I shall show you the fun stuffs I have in my house.

I have 2 orange ping pong balls which I would push around the house sometimes. I tried to pick them up with my mouth but it's too big so I just push them around.

This is the in built wheel in my house, I used to run in it when i first got the house. Now it's more for me to play wheel of fortune for. heee...
(*do I look like a Ah Pek with my whiskers?)

This is my tree trunk which I sleep inside most of the time. So nice right, I think the family got it from Hong Kong .

Do come visit me sometimes and we play together ok. Ü

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Neighbour

Let me introduce my neighbour. His name is Bibi, I think it's derived from the fact that he looks small like a baby when he just came into the family. And he always like to lie on his back to drink water from the bottle. Dont he look cute with those beady black eyes.

He's a sapphire winter white hamster and he's really chubby. Wonder it's water retention from all the water he drinks

He live in a small tank which is always placed above my landed property cage.

But his house got lots of things too. A toy turtle, wheel and a small house. But he likes to sleep in his small pink house. I think it looks like those capsule hotel in japan, where the room is just enough to sleep in. haa. Well compact hamsters stay compact house.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

mini bear

I look like a mini bear sometimes which is so cute that somethings I'm called Fu Bear Bear.

Do I look cute or what. Here's a picture of me peeking out from my little house at the top floor of my landed property. Haa... so cozy hor. I will wrap myself with tissue paper and keep myself warm inside...

Hello World

Hi everyone,

(Me and my cool tree trunk where I sleep)

My name is renfu the hamster, but you can call me fufu.
I'm named after 王仁甫 of the 5566 group, coz my owners said i look very funny like him.
I look like him meh? Very funny meh?

But mycan also be read as which means good luck.

I'm a syrian hamster, which is also called golden hamster. I'm a boy hamster, I'm being adopted by the family on Feb 2005, I was given in a plastic tank by their cousin.
Now I've upgraded my house and am staying in a 3 story landed property by myself. Haa

I'm quite big about palm size (6 inches) but I'm very gentle and slow. My favourite past time is to sleep in my tree trunk or the small house at top level.

I love food and I will always stuff them in my cheek pouches which I will take out and snack as and when I like.