Thursday, January 31, 2008

I got a carrot

I see that my doggie friends Maggie and Stanley has a fun carrot

I think it'll be pawsome for me to have one too. err... ok so how do I play with this carrot?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Year of the Hammies - Be a responsible owner

Hey Doggies, for those of you who know about the chinese zodiac, the Year of the Hammie is coming soon. I know that it'll be very appealing to buy hammies or mice or gerbil to keep or give as gifts as they are really cute and the prices are not expensive.

But before you go get that hammie, please stop to think if you are able to commit first. Even for a small animal like a hammie, there still is alot of things you have to be responsible for, for it's well being. Please read this to check if you are ready for a pet.

And no matter what animal you have gotten this year (hammie or dog or cat), please be a good owner by not abandoning your pet. The poor animal have little chance of surviving if you throw it out.

So stop and think first before you go get that new pet ok.

It's not a bad item to get a cute stuffy instead if you can't afford the time to commit to a real pet.

Remember, a pet is for life (photo taken from ava website)

PS, we have a new DWB birthday/event calender, go here to see the details

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Funny Toosday

Hey doggies, I just read Opy's blog and what is a whoop a$$? It seems to come in a can form and although I have no idea what it is, it really scares little hammie like me....
But something that disturbs me from Opy's post is that there are mean people out there who leave nasty comments in other's blog. I think those people most definitely deserve a few can of that whoop a$$ for being mean.

Ok, is it safe to come out now?? Right, I thought I would post a funny picture of me today to relax everydog. The below pic kinda looked like I lifted my leggie to pee on Joey the hammie. You dogs believed that I did no such thing right. I want to get to the back and Joey was blocking my way... So this is the best way to get past him. Hee hee

I'll be eating my apple on the flower bed today. I heard apples are good, them help to keep the doctor away. Have a nice Toosday everydog.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Couple

Hey doggies, did you all had a nice weekend?

I'm very happy to read Huskee and Baby's blogs today on their announcement

I want to congratulate them and I think they'll have a pawsome wedding of the year. :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Gifts Galore

Hey doggies, I got so many gifts for my birthday. First is a card from Lacy Lulu

And another pawsome card from Balboa

These are my gifts from my Malaysia friends , there's a cake in there too.

Cool I got new house (who wanna come visit me can stay there) and ice cream.... yum

Hello little bear, would you like to play with me?

Goofy's mom knit me a dress.. Eil and mama are helping me put it on.. ohh ohh dont mess up my hair..

How do I look?

I got a box of gifts from Sweety the cutie (that rhymes, hee)

OK, which treat to open first... hum......

I got this package from Asta, look at all the treats and this....

Princess bed! Woh it sure is very comfy and pretty and royal.

Reading *on the bed* the card Asta send me hee hee

I got a card from Momo and Pinot too. I'm trying to see what I was doing in those pictures. haa

I love all the pictures that you doggies pick. :)

These gifts are from Lorenza

She's so nice that she gave Eil something too... (You think Eil would mind if I borrow it to wear?)

Thank you all so much for your kind gifts, cards and wishes. Mean mama wants me to tell my friends not to send me any more gifts as I have too many toys and treats. (I think she's secretly jealous coz nobody sends her any gifts or card or a princess bed hee hee)

Have a pawsome weekend everyone. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I know where you went last weekend - Part 2

Day 2 of the KL trip, the hoomans went to the local K9 event.

Look at cute Goofy, dressed up and looking so handsome here.

Funny Twinkle was representing Ben here. See him relaxing in the shade.

They spot cutie pie Amber there.

They saw Miss k9 Malaysia Champion 2008 too. Congratulations Chloe.

Together with her sister Amber. :)

J actually bought a stuffie Jay. Talking about doggie bag...

After that the hoomans went to the nearby malls and found the pet safari there.

More shopping for the hoomans till nite.

After 2 days of walking, the hoomans had to soak their feeties in the hotel bath tub.

Oh the last day of their trip, Rossi's mom took them out for korean lunch.

After that, the hoomans got on the bus and took a 5 hr ride back to SingaPaw. "Jay" & "Boo Boo" trying out the comfy seats.

The hoomans had a pawsome time in KL. A big thanks to Boo's mom for driving them around, Boo and Rossi's mom for treating them for lunch and everyone and everydog who meet them during this trip. You've all made it a very memoriable trip for them.

I also had alot of hamsterrific gifts and cards from my friends. *muah*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I know where you went last weekend - Part 1

Yeah, so many of you doggies managed to guess correctly where Eil went last weekend.

She packed her bags on Friday night and went to Jay's house. Above are both Eil & J's luggage

Sleepy Jay was wondering where they were heading too... Then on Saturday morning they met up with Boo Boo's owner Gal gal and after a 5 hours bus ride, they arrived in Kuala Lumpur.

Look who's the first to meet them!!! Boo was happily showing them around his house

Here's shy Dopey MooMoo.

Boo offered to drive the hoomans to a pawty!

And it was none other then handsome Rossi's 1st birthday pawty

The happy birthday boy playing ..

We met cute Goofy here too

And look! It's Twinkle, Ben's new brother...

The doggies sure had fun meeting up and the hoomans took a gazillion photos with them.

I got lots of presents from my Malaysian friends to bring back. Yeah!!

... to be continue