Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hey doggies, running to make time pass faster sure works. Look, it's mid-week Wednesday already! It has been raining all night and it's cold now. So what better way to celebrate a cold Halloween by dressing up as a pluffy pumpkin!

I might need to stuff in some tissue in the pumpkin to make it more pluffy!

Are you ready before I turn around?

Happy Halloween everyone! Ok here's a scary music video that I want to share with you all on Halloween. It's by our very own SingaPAW boy JJ Lin.

The song title is call killer and it's pretty scary at the end of it, so you might want to cover your eyes with your paws if you got scared!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

RUN Run run

Hey Doggies, have you all met Lacy Lulu? She's a cute doggie, everydog go to her bloggie and say HI to her. She put up this cute picture in her blog for me. Isn't she nice. :)

There's nothing much to do today so I thought I'll just run in my wheel and hope today will pass faster.

I can run in the other direction too. Run run run, hope today pass fast fast.

One more day to Halloween, what are you doggies planning to do tmr?
No winners on the handphone contest yet, closing date will be Monday 9am (SingaPAW time)
One hint for you doggies is.. Eil's phone is not shiny pink. hee hee

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hooman din din meet up.

The hoomans were jealous that we get to have our own special halloween pawty that some of them organized to have their own pawty din din too. So Eil, J (Jay's owner), HM (Chiyo's owner), Gal gal (Boo Boo's owner), M (Boy & Baby's mom), S (Huskee's mom) & B (Huskee's maid) decided to meet up for dinner. And at the resturant, there's a friendly doggie there showing them the menu.

For starters, they had some mantou(chinese buns) served with chilli crab dip.

Here are the food they had, salad and some fried spring rolls

Cooling drinks....

Steak... with mash potatos and some veges

Chicken with the same yummy sides

This one has jumbo prawns with steak

Guess how to eat this?

You put the ingrediants in a tortilla and roll it up like this.

Now comes the dessert! It doesn't look impressive from this view right.

But take a look at this view now. The brownie is in a HUGE bowl glass

And this is the mudpie oh.... eat it, eat it quick. It's melting!

Still dont believe the serving is big? Here's what the glass look like with the doggie besides it

Ok doggies, CONTEST TIME!! First one to guess correctly which phone belongs to which hooman gets a PRIZE.

So match the numbers of the phone in the above pic to the following hoomans and leave your answers in my comment box. Good luck!
  • Eil
  • J (Jay's owner)
  • HM (Chiyo's owner)
  • Galgal (BooBoo's owner)
  • M (Boy & Baby's mom)
  • S (Huskee's mom)
  • B (Huskee's maid)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween pawty

Hey Doggies, I'm going to the Halloween pawty as a SPIDER! I'm a Spider-Ham!! Do I look scary?

Best part of this costume is that I'm totally portable.

Ok, I'm going to hide inside then pop out to scare any unsuspecting doggy that walks pass. **giggles**

Ok, I think the pawty venue is a haunted house... I need you doggies to cuddle to when it gets scary~ Any volunteer?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Changing in Progress

Hey Doggies, are you all ready for the Halloween pawty that is coming this weekend. So many of our doggie friends are celebrating their birthday. I'm changing in my halloween costume here. Dont peek~

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank you Stanley

OH Doggies, look what got delivered to me last night! It's a surprise from my besterest goober buddy Stanley. It sure is a very big box!

Wow! It's a pawsome critter operated chopper! What a cool bike!!

He also sent me some yummy treats and a magnet and a letter. Can you see me in the bike's wheel?

No? Ok here's a closer look. Can you see me now?

There's a hole at the side of the wheel for me to get in and out!

I'm giving Stanley a big hug here. **hugzz**

I wanna read the card.. open it, open it!

I'm reading what Stanley wrote to me.. I'm not telling you what he wrote. **giggles**

OK gimme the treat now. I'm trying to rip the plastic open here.

Here's a video of me running in the bike's wheel. It's a little heavy to drive it on the ground so Eil got to lift the bike up and I can run in the wheel. Wheee.. Thank you so much Stanley, I love everything in the parcel. I hope you didn't spend all your treats money getting me those pawsome gifts. *muah*

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hey Doggies, nothing much going on today. So I thought I'll try out roachin' since I see many doggies having fun doing it. So I lay on my back and wiggle.. Hee.. am I doing this right?

The best part is, you can roach anywhere.. Even on the rooftop.

Heee.. I sure look funny in this pose. :)

Sweet Precious have given me this Halloween Sweet Treat Award. Don't that award look yummy...

I'm now giving this award to Sweety (her name is already so sweet) and Hammer

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wet Monday Morning

We got a wet wet Monday morning today. Since it's cooling too I decided to practise some leg stretching doga.

First some warm up so that you dont pull your muscles. Then stick out your footie and hold it in position...

Hey my footie smells like sunflower seeds. Hee.. so what are you doggies doing on a boring Monday morning?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Boo sends his love

Doggies, look what I received from Boo. I was trying to see what he wrote to me

He also sent me some magic nuts (I wonder if it's the same as Zim's magic bean) and a toy that I can chew

Thank you so much Boo. I missed you when you're not around this week, come back soon ok.

Have a pawsome weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My feeties

Eil says she'll like to show you how small my feeties are. See her claw/nail is longer then my feet

Hum... I think I'll just hang out and munch snacks with Joey the Hammie today~ At least, he's my size..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ABCs for having hammies

Oh doggies, I got news that Rossi and his mom found an abandon hammie on a walkie this morning! How can anyone abandon a hammie? That's very cruel and thank dog Rossi and his mom have rescued the hammie and are going to give him a pawsome furever home. You and your mom are my heros Rossi! Go to his blog and help him name his new family member.
Ok, I'm going to help Rossi by writing the 101s on having a hammie today.

1) give the hammie a sheltered house. So that we have a place where we feel safe and to sleep in

2) Get a water bottle and change the water in there daily

3) Have a food tray always ready with seeds and hammie food so that we wont go hungry (and for the occasion food baths that we like to have)

4) Get a running wheel for your hammie to excercise in. Get those with solid surface (not those bar types) so that your hammie's feet wont get catch in between the bars and get injuired. The exercise wheel is not a luxury item but a NECCESITY for the hamster. Hamsters are naturally active and a lack of exercise might result in paralysis

5) Bathing sands as we dont need water bath. Just put us in a box with a little sand once a week and we'll bathe ourselves.

6) Cotton wool or tissue paper that we can use as comfy bedding.

Can't wait to hear what Rossi is going to name his new hammie. I know you and your mom will take good care of your new family member. :)