Friday, July 27, 2007


Psssstt doggies... I'm hiding now.. I can't see anything but tell me if this is a great hiding place or what. hee hee

Ok I'm out. Hee hee ... I sure like everydog's suggestion for big pink stuff doggie. Pinky Winky does sound very cute and Cotton Candy sounds so..... yummy. hee hee It's be raining lots over here in Singapore, I hope the doggies here keep dry and stay warm at home.

Have a great weekend doggies~


PreciOus said...

Wow Girl Girl, I can't recognise you at first glance till I saw your little cutie nose and paw paw. Yes it is a great hiding place indeed. Hee!


Hui Min said...

GG you are so small you could hide anywhere! :p lol. was that a hole in a box? what box was it?

are you afraid of the thunder? today the wind came in so strong i got very very scared


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Girl Girl, did you just get your hair highlighted? I see a color (blue-grey) running down your back. Very pwetty!

Hammer said...

Dear Girl Girl

That's a good hiding place. I'm not sure if I spotted you but I think you're hiding in the hole.

Hope the rain stops for you soon. It's really dry where we live.

Have a great weekend !!

Love from Hammer

Joe Stains said...

you are better at hiding than tanner!!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Girl Girl,
Ha! That's a great hiding place for you!!

Simba said...

Its a pretty good hiding place. Have a great weekend.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

That looks like a fun hideout! Have a good weekend Girl Girl!

Oscar x

Amber-Mae said...

Oh that is a great hiding place but I can still see your nose...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie said...

How did you ever get yourself into that hiding place? You must really have had to suck in your tummy and squeeze!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

peek a boo!

GG, i like your pinky paws too ler.

have the greatest weekend to ya.

wet wet licks


Johann The Dog said...

GirlGirl - that's a pretty doggone good hiding place!

Thank you so much for voting for me in the contest - with your help, I just may be able to get Gracie that present! Yeah!

Thanks again, and you have a great weekend, K?


Tasha & Eva said...

Very good hiding spot, Girl Girl! Your new pink pup is very cute. We like the name Pinky Winky, too. Thank you for the well wishes for Tasha. She is feeling much better now. Belly Rubs, Eva.

Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh your nose is so cute sticking out like that. Is your nose a good smeller like us doggie noses?

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Stanley said...

Girl Girl!

You must be a skinny minny to fit in that little hole. I wouldn't have been able to see you if not for your cute twitchy nose.

Love you girlie girlie,

Pee Ess
Your are a techno goddess! Thanks for the GooberStan button. I'll put it on my blog later today!

umekotyan said...

Girl girl is in the corrugated cardboard.
Comes out when doing soon.
And, it has a pleasant weekend. :)

from loved ume tyan

Asta said...

You awe vewy clever to find such a good hidy's nice to have good games in awful wainy's wainy here today too, maybe I'll find a hidy place and fool Mommi
smoochie kisses

Reina said...

That looks like a good hide out, i can barely see you!

fee said...

peekaboo! is that really part of your nose? i thought it was your cutesy little tail!

PerfectTosca said...

Girl Girl I must say that when you aren't hiding, you are looking a LOVELY shade of silver!

Sasha said...

Hey, Girl Girl, check out the Army of 4's blog. They had some good hiding ideas.
And, btw, I tagged everyone in my blog to tell a story. Take a look.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You have a great weekend too, Girl Girl!

Boy n Baby

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo GG! That is a great hiding place. Hope you have a great weekend beautiful!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Girl Girl
You are so good hiding yourself!
Have a great weekend!

Sparky said...

That's a great hiding place!

Have a good weekend,


The Airechicks said...

We bet your very good at

Great pressie you sent Casper....

Bella said...

great hiding place I could hardly tell where you were.
So what name have you chose for the 'Pink' ?

T-man said...

Keep dry from the rain, Girl girl. That hiding place looks pretty dry.

Amber said...

Hi Girlgirl, are you hiding in a box? I can see your little pinky nose and paw. Have a great weekend to you too!!!

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Where is girl girl? I can't find her. She must be hiding!

xxx Asta down under

The Army of Four said...

GG: That is PERFECT! If my hiding place doesn't work out, may I come share yours with you? I don't think the evil brush lady would EVER find me there!

ToFFee said...

hey GG!

why are you hiding? did you clean your house again??


Anonymous said...

That was the bestest hiding spot EVER! If you hadn't told me you were there I would have never known!


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hi Girlgirl...

Thanks for stopping by. I like your hiding place. I like to hide too. Recently I crawl under the deck in the back and sleep in the cool dirt. It isn't much of a hiding place since Mom knows that is where I like to hide.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

What a good hiding place! We were wondering where you were. It sure looks like you have been busy while we were not reading your blog. We really need to talk to Mom about how lazy she is. How much work is it to read blogs anyway?

Holly said...

That is a very cool hiding place!! All I can see is your cute little nose!


triple Bs said...

you look very cute in your hiding spot. you are almost completely hidden except just a tiny bit of you.

Chelsea said...

Very good hiding place girl girl but, why are you hiding?


Pacco de Mongrel said...

nice hide-out u got there, girl2

Cubby said...

You are so cute, GirlGirl!

Finnegan said...

You have such an itty bitty nose, Girl Girl! You are absolutely adorable, as usual.