Friday, May 23, 2008

Yippee Friday

Yeah, it's Friday and I see that many of you managed to get the correct answers for the quiz.

Pinky Winky is the one on the left. In my hint picture I was pointing my paw to the left.
And yes Mr Rain is the one who sang that Kung Fu Fighting song. His track will be in the Kung Fu Panda OST Asia version (The clip below is taken from youtube filmed by a fan)

Congrates to the 3 friends (Goofy, Twinkle & Huskee) who gave the correct answers first, your prizes will be sent to you soon.
Ok, back to Peek a Boo Friday. Can you see me?

Have a pawsome weekend~


Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, how could I miss the contest? Anyway congrats to those three!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Goofy said...

yeah yeah yeah.... thanks GG!!!

hey GG, u r good in hiding, but i still see u!!!!


Faya said...

Hello Girl Girl....Have a nice week-end, Kisses, Faya

Sparky said...

Hi Girl Girl, I hope you have a GRRRReat weekend!


happy said...

Congrats to the winners! Hehe I can see you, Girl Girl!

BWTH Dog House said...

Twinkle: Yeah yeah I won!!!!

BenBen,Hippo & Wang Wang: How about us???? we register under BWTH wo!!!

Huskee Boy said...

Yeah yeah yeah... I finally won something in a contest!!
Hehhee..I can see your round, black eyes peeking from the window!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hooray! My Huskee Munchkins won!!!


Simba said...

I can see you peeping out of the window. Have a good weekend.

Simba x

Stanley said...

Girl Girl!

I spy with my big goober eye a cute little hammie in her treehouse! YoooHooo, Girl Girl! Can you come out and play?

Have a great weekend, sweet girlie!

Goober love & smooches,

Pee Ess
Thanks for saying you love my fuzz butt!

Peanut said...

I found you this time GG

Mango said...

I see you making the scary eye, GG.

Ferndoggle said...

Well shoot! I was totally wrong. Dogs are supposed to be color blind anyway so I suppose it's not all my fault.


Petra said...

I see your one eye peeking at me, Girl Girl!

Have a great l-o-n-g weekend!

Deetz said...

Hi Girl Girl
I see you
I will miss you next week and will bark when I get back

JB's Big World said...

I see you! You have a pawsome weekend too!

William Tell said...

Contest? What contest? Ooooo! I need to check in every day!

I like that Kung Fu Fighting song, too. My Girl has it as a ringtone for her cell phone. Since she's a black belt, she likes it too.

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Maggie & Mitch said...

We see you peeking out your window, Girl girl!
Have an awesome weekend!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Daisy said...

I see you, but only because I found your cute little eye peeping out the window!

Anonymous said...

I just see you and no more GG, hope you have a pawtastic weekend.
goofy, twinkle and huskee well done .

lots of licks


Moco said...

I see you in the window.

Gus and Louie said...

Your really good at getting invisible... hehe

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Lorenza said...

Hi, GG!
Congratulations to the winners!
Yes, I can see you there!
Have a great weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Thor said...

Girl Girl,
I can see you in the window!
I hope you have a pawsome weekend too!


Noah the Airedale said...

We see you Girl Girl. Hope you have a great weekend.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

BrandytheGreat said...

Is that you, or another brown stuffy?


Hi Girl Girl
Hope you are having a great weekend. We can just see your cute little eye in your hide and seek pic.

Mack said...

I see your itsy bitsy cutesy eye GG!


Abby said...

Hi, Girl Girl...

Congrats to the winners...

I saw your little eye peeking thru the window...

Abby xxxooo

Luc & Remy said...

We see you, Girl Girl!! You're so silly and good at hiding. We like to hide sometimes, too, but Mom says we don't realize how big we are.

Joe Stains said...

we have a three day weekend, hooray!

Asta said...

I see youw cute little eye peeking out of youw little house
I hope you have a bootiful weekend..I'll see you at the wollew skating pawt
smoochie kisses,

Deefor said...

Hi GirlGirl
I see your eye just peeking out the window. Great picture.


Girasol said...

I miss the contest too...maybe next time...congrats to thw winners

The Army of Four said...

We're way behind on reading blogs but are trying to get caught up. Looks like we missed some fun. :( It's mom's fault. She insists on doing yard work and home improvement projects and doesn't let us have enough computer time!
Play bows,