Monday, March 12, 2007

Why I blog

My doggie friend Sam I am wanna know why I blog,
  1. Why not?.. You dont see many hamsterrier blogs and it'll let people and doggies understand the hamsterriers better

  2. I made lots of wonderful friends (you guys remember the xmas card exchange event? wasn't it fun to get cards from so many friends from all over the world

  3. It's an easy way for Eil to keep track of my photos and funny things (I rather used the word amazing) that I did

Ok doggies, what are the reason you blog?


PerfectTosca said...

Fufu, I blog so that I don't lose my mind. I live with a crazy woman and three cats. It's so frustrating, they all make me bite my foot. At least when I am blogging, I don't bite my foot.

Hui Min said...

hi fufu, i blog so that i can hear what other experienced doggies have to say about my problems, and also to meet handsome boy doggies!!! hee hee eheeeeeeeeeeee


Boo said...

i blog bcoz i wanna store all my Bootiful photos. keep a diary so that even when i'm not around, Mom could read back my diary and make her smile.

wet wet licks


Charlie said...

Mom says I blog therefore I am...
- Charlie

Cubby said...

I loved the Christmas card exchange!

I blog to help the rescued boxers, and because I am so cool!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Tosca, you're a cute doggie. I hope you're not biting your foot now.

Chiyo yeah. That's where you meet Boo right. :)

Boo, yeah I have the same idea as you. People can come read about us anytime they want.

Charlie, that's deep...

Hi Cubby, Yeah you're a cool doggy. :)

~ fufu

Luckie the Dachie said...

I blog cos I want to make more friends. :)Mom says the internet is the way to go now afterall she met Dad thru the internet and they got married after that. HA! :)So i think the internet holds a special place in her heart.

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Fufu,
We blog so we can look back in the future and remember what we did. Mum used to keep a written diary but its so much more interesting to add photos and to share our stories with others online.
Jazz and Dixie

Maggie said...

I blog to make more friends too and get lots of laughs and smiles from reading everyone else's blog! If it wasn't fun we wouldn't do it!

Love ya lots,

Hammer said...

Hello Fu Fu

The reason I blog (when my mum can get her act together) is to meet fantastic hamsterriers like you, and there's only one fantastic hamsterrier in the world, and this is you, Fu Fu !!!!

The blog world would be a boring place without you, Fu Fu, and I know all the other doggies will agree with me.

Huskee and his maid sure are nice and you're lucky you live in the same place as them.

Love from your friend, Hammer

umekotyan said...

Dog's blog exists when the update of every day is difficult at happy time.
It is the same as the life. :)

From loved ume tyan

PerfectTosca said...

Yo Fu fu, your handsome self is the main feature at my Perfect Blog today. I think the general public needs to know that you are the Honorary Dog De Tutti Honorary Dogs.

Love Tosca.

Holly said...


I started out by reading Meeshka's blog every day. From there, I began reading other doggies blogs that I found on her blog, and that led me to the Army of Four, and I fell in love with a certain blue eyed, freckle nosed boy! I really loved reading everyones adventures, so thought I would share mine and my fur sliblings lives so that others could be entertained by our fun too.

I think you are the COOLEST Hamsterrier ever!


Simba said...

Fufu, you have to blog cos we all love you and would miss you if you didn't.

Simba xx

Marvin The Dog said...

that is an interesting post Fu Fu! I blog because I like to tell everyone about my life up here in Scotland, and all the daft and funny things which happen to me!

Plus I now have met so many cool Dog Bloggers and the one and only Hamster Blogger, I feel I have a World of Good On Line Friends!

love and licks Marv xxxxx

Schniblet said...

I blog so that I can meet friends from all over (I mean, how else would I have met a real HamsTerrier??). I also blog because I learn such great things from all the other dog-bloggers (like tricks, treats and diet stuff!)
PS: Plus, I just want to be famous someday! :)

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

I blog because I was reading everyone else's blog and though "hey dude....I can do that too!". So, here I am!

Lots of love,

Joe Stains said...

I just looove to look at dog pictures, I also like when other dogs are bad so I can show mom how good i am :)

wally said...

Good question! I like to blog to meet new friends (like hamsterriers!) And to keep my mum sane.


Maddie & Frankie said...

Fu Fu,
You have got to be the cutest little hamsterrier ever ever!

We Blog, cuz Frankie and Me like to meet friends and read their stories! Its amazing how creative all the doggies and 1 Hammy can be!

Blogging...."Its a Good thing" ;-)

Maddie the Chocolate Lab Bunny

Oscar Airedale said...

Yeah, I blog to meet new friends, learn new stuff & share my life.

Oscar x

Huskee Boy said...

If I didn't blog, I wouldn't know such wonderful friends like all of you (and my mum and The Maid wouldn't have known Eil and Jay's mummy!!)..

The Airechicks said...


We blog to meet new friends and get ideas on how all the others get their hoomuns to give them treats....and what treats we should ask for and yeah we like to read about the adventures ....

T-man said...

I love your handsome & intelligent look in that photo!! You look like a movie star...maybe you can play the next James Bond!!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Boy: I blog because that whiny Baby forced me to.

Baby: I blog to make more friends and share my problems and happiness with them. I also make friends with you. You are the first and only hamsterrier that i know.

Boy n Baby

Fu Fu said...

Hey Luckie, indeed the internet is the way to go now. What a nice way for your parents to meet. :)

Jazz and Dixie, yeah a blog is much easier to keep our photos and little stories.

Maggie, yes it's nice to read stories about each other.

Hammer, you are such a nice doggie. I like to read your blog too and yes I do keep in touch with Huskee's maid.

Ume tyan, you have an interesting blog too.

Hey Tosca, thank you for starting the fur drive. It's very nice of you to feature me in your perfect blog.

Hi Holly, you're a nice Husky. I sure am glad you have a blog too coz I enjoy reading yours.

Simba, I love to read about you too.

Hey Marvin, yeah we know quite a few things on Scotland from you. It's nice to have friends like you

Hey Liberty, I hope you get real famous soon.

Rosco, yeah it's pretty easy to have a blog huh.

Hee Joey, good reasons and we love to read about you and Tanner

Wally, I love to read your blog about those apes. Hee

Hey Maddie & Frankie, it's nice to make so many doggies friends. :)

Oscar, yeah I like to read your blog too

Huskee, you're my first blog friend *Big Hug* How nice that we got to know each other.

Hi Lita & Trish, yeah some doggies have such great adventure

T-man, really? the next James Bond? That's so kewl.. Thank you

Boy, but we love to read about you. Baby, it's great to share stories and make lots of friends.

~ fufu