Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Go straight to jail

Hi Doggies, remember I was learning to play cards yesterday?

(Huh?! What did I do?)

Mama put me to "jail" after that... She said good little kids do not gamble.. But but... I wasn't gambling.. I was just picking out cards.. no money or sunflower seeds were involved.. Boo hoo hoo...

Good thing Sunny came and rescue me out.

Don't I look sad after that. I'm not going to play with cards anymore..
Today is also the start of the Joey Palooza. Happy Birthday Joey!!! hope you get lots of cakes and may your wishes come true.


Hui Min said...

ack!!! you got ARRESTED??? quick, HM, hide all your cards! don't let eil know you have them or she'll come put you in jail too! oh no oh no, i did write a few posts about mahjong. i am going into hiding right now.


Holly said...

Playing cards sounds like fun. I would think eating them or shredding them would be even more fun!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you won't get into trouble if you play mahjong - at least if you don't gamble, that is.

Boo said...

GOSH! just playing cards and you to be in jail? gosh! then those playing mahjung (which involve money) should be prosecuted!!!

just kidding.

you should glad eil didn't take away your sunflower seeds!

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You were put in jail. Oh no! Lucky Sunny was there to rescue you. By the way FuFu, yesterday we saw a sports car for Hamsterrier the car is really sporty and huge... Have you seen it before?

Boy n Baby

Simba said...

Your Mummy is really strict! I'm glad you got out of jail.

Simba x

Fu Fu said...

Chiyo... I was so scared in jail. I didn't do anything wrong.. did I?

Holly, you can eat the cards??

Zach... do you think I should play mahjong instead?

Boo... I would cry if my seeds are confisticated.

Boy n Baby, yeah good thing Sunny helped me out. Hum.. the only hamsterrier car I ever see is my FuFuMOBILE. There's bigger ones?

Simba, I know. I'm so glad to be out now

~ fufu

Oscar Airedale said...

I'm sure you'll get parole for good behaviour!

Oscar x

Scrappy said...

Phew I am glad you got rescued from jail I was worried for you.

Tail wags

Maggie said...

Sunny is a true friend! I'm so glad she came to your rescue! Did we ever decide if Sunny was a boy or girl?

Love ya lots,

Ah Boy said...

poor fufu :(
so good of Sunny to come & rescue u

ah boy never play cards before
but ah boy enjoys playiong dice ;)

The Army of Four said...

You were busted?!?! Wow, Fu. Sorry to hear you had to do a stint in the slammer!
Play bows,

Marvin The Dog said...

poor Fu Fu, the jailbird hamster.....shall I send you a cake with a hidden chisel in it so you can get out????? I am worried about Behind Bars Fu Fu!

Marvin The Dog said...

oooh I now read you were rescued, I can sleep easy now!

Schniblet said...

Doesn't your mum know that Hansterriers NEVER gamble!? They just play games! heeheehee!

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hey Fufu, glad to hear you busted out. Sunny's a good friend. Are you now on the run? Good luck to ya! Next time, don't get caught.


Joe Stains said...

oh no! gambling is addictive too, better watch out!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey FuFu,
Instead of cards, you should play Dogopoly. Then you can only get sent to the dog pound and you might even get a get out of the pound card, hehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
Hmm.. so u got busted for gambling huh?!! U want me to come over in my HuskeeMOBILE and rescue you? We can run away and visit Boo in Malaysia..

Chelsea said...

Fufu, you are too young to gamble. It is good thing your parents intervened. We all love you and wouldn't have to perform an intervention.



Luckie the Dachie said...

Hi Fufu,
You are jailed too? Darn, jail is never fun especially when it wasn't your fault. Who was the one who put those cards there anyway?

PS : My Mom says she's gonna try to catch Mr Rain's movie soon. Does Eli like watching other korean shows too?

Tigersan said...

Fufu... next time use this :)

Belly said...

Fu Fu,
(First: Hi! You're cute...)
The real question is... Where'd those cards come from in the first place? Were you shopping online or is some naughty person putting temptation in your path?

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Fufu you can do the jailhouse rock can you not?

Why is that the humans can play cards (and the noisy tiles - think they are called mahjong) and they can get away... and poor you, got to go to jail.

I agree with Butchy and Snickers. If you want, Rafv's daddy has the dogopoly set. I am sure he will lend it to you. Well again, don't go to the column that reads "Go To Jail" (hehehe can't help it)

umekotyan said...

With this, it seems that it bets with the card, it is caught, and it was detained. :)

From loved ume tyan

Finnegan said...

You got in trouble for playing cards? No fair! You can come visit me and we will go to the new casino that just opened here. I will even let you ride on my back so you don't get lost in the snow!


Living It said...

i think fufu gets the 'cutest animal ever' award!

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Oh Fufu just tell the cops that you needed to dicipline the cards. You weren't actually PLAY with them. Oh no it was all about discipline!

Happy Birthday to Joey.


Chicote said...

At least you had a buddy to rescue you from jail. I'll help rescue you next time.


Charlie said...

Sunny is a true friend to rescue you from jail. Otherwise we would have had to come break you out!
- Charlie

Jasper said...

Sweet Sunny to rescue you!!!

Fu Fu said...

Oscar, I'm on my best behaviour now.

Scrappy thanks. Good thing I didn't have to stay in there for long

Maggie, I dont know.. Sunny dont let me check his/her bits anymore. So I still dont know if Sunny is a boy or girl.

Hey Ah boy, is disc playing fun?

Zim.. I know. Can you believe it. I wasn't even gambling.

Marvin, thanks for thinking of saving me

Fu Fu said...

Yeah Liberty, how can hamsters gamble. Sheesh.

Sweets, nope I was left off without any evidence that I was gambling. Hee

Joey.. ok but I wasn't gambling..

Hey Butchy & Snickers. Dogopoly sounds fun. But I dont wanna go to the dog pound.

Huskee.. Good idea to run away to hide in Boo's place.

Chelsea, happy to hear that you got my belated birthday gift to you. :)

Luckie.. I hate jail. And Eil was the one who left the cards there. Yeah Eil watches Korean movies and drama. Is your mom a KDrama fan?

Tigersan, that is such a great card. I'm gonna keep it.

Hi Belly, you are so right. SOME naughty people put that in

Scuba, I am so unlucky to get caught. You think dogopoly is fun too?

Ume Tyan I was framed.

Finny.. I like the visit to the casino idea very much. Let's go and have fun there

Living It. thank you very much

Max... I missed you buddy. Yeah those cards need major discipline time

Thanks Chicote. I need more friends like you

Charlie .. I hate jail time.

Jasper , yeah good thing Sunny rescue me

~ fufu

T-man said...

Poor Fufu! You need to hire a good lawyer. You weren't really looking at those cards anyway!