Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Blues

Hi Doggies... I'm getting the Monday Blues today. The sky was all dark and gloomy when I woke up this morning and now it's a sunny and hot (Too HOT!) Plus Eil have to attend course this whole week, which means less blogging time for me. I wonder what's she's training? She already knows how to sit and shake paws..

It's time like these where I'm thankful got a good friend like Sunny for a shoulder to lean on.


Boo Boo said...

Awwwwwww ..... Sunny is so sweet .....

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
My mum also got Monday blues.. esp when it was raining so heavily this morning when it was time for her to get up to go to work! Aren't we so lucky that we don't have to go to work and can eat and play all day long? Heehee..

Nugget said...

Hi Fu fu, Are you giving Sunny a nice hug?

Peanut butter licks,

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hiya Fufu,
The hoomans were so grounchy this morning. I think it was the heavy rain. he he..i was relaxing in my bed.
The thunderstorm was really bad.

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, I'm sure you & Sunny will be OK with each other for company.

Oscar x

Maggie said...

It's always nice to have a friend to talk to when you're lonely. I'm so glad you have Sunny!

Love ya lots,

Simba said...

At least you have Sunny. Humans are very slow, they need to be retrained every day.

Simba xx

Fu Fu said...

Boo boo, Yes Sunny is a very sweet hammie.

Huskee, totally agree that good thing we dont have to work.

Nugget, yeah Sunny is nice to hug

Luckie, isn't great that we get to sleep in during nice raining season. hee

Hi Oscar, good thing there's Sunny

Maggie, I know... Sunny is around to comfort me

Simba, really? No wonder they have to go so many courses

~ fufu

umekotyan said...

It is busy.
Still, I visit fu fu.
To tell the truth, I also am planning the travel. :)

From loved ume tyan

Finnegan said...

You and Sunny can snuggle up and take a nice nap while your human does training. My humans leave all day for something called work. I don't get it. Sounds stupid.


maggie said...

good thing you have sunny
maggie #2

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

So glad that you have Sunny. Wanna trade Sunny with my Boy?


Boo said...

oh fufu, the weather hasn't been nice for the past few days. it has been raining almost everyday

wet wet licks


Marvin The Dog said...

At least you have a companion to keep you company Fu Fu! Lovely Sunny, hope his shoulders are broad.....!

A&S said...

Dear Fu Fu,
It's nice and comfortably warm here, you should come visit. But it's supposed to thunderstorm later today! uh-oh

Akira & Shiro

Joe Stains said...

thank goodness you won't be lonely! hopefully eil is training on good stuff like cooking!!

Wired for Mackie said...

I agree Fufu! Monday's stink! My mom and dad go back to work on Monday's and the nice weekend ends. Ick! I like weekends best!

Hui Min said...

poor fufu!! i hope eil spends some quality weekend time with you :)

yes the sun is driving me crazy. i am getting hot spots again, and they are so itchy!!! remember to drink more water! and give sunny more water too :)


A&S said...

we all need somebody to leeeeeean on. you just call on me brother when you need a hand.....lalalalalalalalala do we sing good to you fu fu?

Herbie said...

Can you ask sunny to do his magic spell and not make it rain in the evenings? I want my walks! *whines*

Wimsey said...

I'm sorry it is too hot, we're having warmer weather too here. Aaah, the Monday blues, we all have fun with our humans on the weekend and then too soon they have to go back to work.


Hammer said...

Hi Fu Fu

I'm certain your mum would rather be home with you. My mum has to do stuff too and she'd much rather be helping me blog away all day. My mum has not even been able to take us on walks lately.

We've had terribly hot weather over here in Australia but the last 2 nights have been cool, so this is a good sign that the weather is changing.

We haven't been back to see Angus and mum wants us to visit Angus regularly, as well as take my big brother, Khomet for walks to visit his girlfriend, Molly.

Thank you very much for your kind comments about Beau and my mum.

Lots of love from your friend, Hammer

Fu Fu said...

Hi ume tyan, you are planning to travel? Are you coming to Singapore?

Finny, work sounds really boring.

maggie #2, I know.. Sunny really comforts me sometimes

Baby. hee.. Is boy willing to let me cuddle him?

Boo, it has been raining alot here too

Marvin, Hee yeah Sunny is big enough for me to lend on

Hey Akira & Shiro, how are you guys?

Joey, nope that course is not on cooking..

Hello Mackie, how was your weekend

Chiyo, ok will remember to give Sunny water too

Hello Herbie, your new brother is cute. :)

Hey hey Wimsey.

Hi Hammer, hope the weather is better for you

~ fufu