Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello my friends... Have you ever get that feeling that you are being watched??

Feels kinda creepy... or maybe it's my tummy feeling hungry...
I think I'll get a snack first

nom nom nom....


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Eep...look behind you Bae! There's someone staring at you! Run, hide...*wink*


P/S: I've sent some things your way...look for it in your mailbox! *wink*

Brownie said...

It scares....A LOT!

Ruby said...

Be careful Bae. You've got company.
Love Ruby

Rambo said...

where did that big monster come from. I hope he doesn't eat hamsters. Be careful.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bae!
I guess it is not just a feeling! Be careful!
Kisses and hugs

Stanley said...

Bae Bae,

You may have yourself a little stalker. At least he looks like he's too big to fit into your cage. Be careful, girlie!

Goober love & smooches,

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mr. Tiger has an evil look in his eye, Bae! We sure hope you're not his snack! Horrors!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The FOUR Musketeers said...

wow ! how dare the tiger stare at a polar bear ! BOL ~

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Bae Bae,
What an uneasy feeling! I can see from here there are two paws trying to get you. Run Bae Bae! Run!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh yeah, I get that all the time. Especially when that stoopid camera is right at my face all the time!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

Its behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simba x

Boo Casanova said...

creeeeeeeeeeeepy! i hope he can't get in.

wet wet licks


Daisy said...

Bae! How can you relax with a tiger hanging over you!?!?

The Army of Four said...

Bae Bae! Check your six! NOW!
Play bows,

BrandytheGreat said...

Ohhh! YOu cant see it?? We cannn!

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

That is one scary looking tiger! You better hide from him!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Stanislaw said...

Chew his legs off. That'll show him who owns the joint.

Moco said...

Be careful of all around you. Be on the look out for staring eyes and fingers. Get those teeth sharpened.

William Tell said...

Better watch out, Bae Bae. I think tiger paws are sneeking up behind you!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

K27Blogs said...

Hi Bae!
Watch out behind you! There is a big tiger! Although I'm sure he's no match for a ferocious polar bear like you!
PS: Stop over to my blog to see my Christmas card, I'll even send you one if you like!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Is THAT a SIBERIAN khytty?

Watch out!


Hana said...

My Mom does not like that creepy watching feeling. So, she hardly ever has her back to an open door.

Mack said...

I think the tiger wants some of your goody!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

You are so brave to eat witch that thing watching you..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Thor said...

Look at that Mr Bear! How scary!
Be careful!

Love and licks

Joe Stains said...

Yikes, you might need the stuffies to do some security for you !