Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fufu visits the Vet

Last week when Eil and friends brought Rusty to the vet, Eil felt that the vet and the people in the clinic were very nice and attentive to the animals. So after checking that they do consultation for hamsters, Eil made an appointment for me to check if the bald patch on my back is anything to worry about.

Jay's owner J is very nice to offer to drive us there. Thank you J jie jie. I was put in a small tank with my tree trunk and water bottle.

(where are you taking me?)

This is my 2nd car ride, the first was when Eil's cousin gave me to the family. I couldn't sit still and as walking up and down the tank to check out what was going on. When we got to the animal clinic, Eil has to fill up a form which ask for her and mine particulars. At the date of birth part, Eil had put down 7 Feb 2005, she didn't know when is my exact birthdate but I came to live with Eil, mama and papa (Eil's parents) in Feb 2005. So Eil just pick a date that is at the starting of Feb to be my dob. :)

Over at the vet, Dr C (she's a cute lady vet) was a little surprised to see me as she said that she dont see much syrian hamsters anymore. She said that I was still pretty active and so she used a towel to hold me (in case I bite) to do the scrap test. Dr C just scrap a little of my skin to do testing, it didn't hurt at all. The result of the test was that I'm clean and ok. I dont have any mites, bacteria or any skin diease.
The balding is due to old age, I guess it's like how some humans drop hair when they grow older too. And Dr C says that some hamsters will drop all their hair, yikes!! I hope that doesn't happen to me. I dont wanna be a totally bald hamster.

After the test, I wasn't feeling too happy. So I just sulk in a corner. :(
Dr C also advise Eil to try to give me more vit. C in my diet like fruits. And she also said that as long as my skin doesn't appear reddish and have wounds there's no need for me to visit the vet anymore. And I was out of the clinic with no need of meds. Yippie!!

Once I got home, I zoomed back into my little house to rest. What a tired day... Although I didn't really like the trip to the vet very much but it's good to put my mind at ease that there is nothing wrong with me. And that I'm still very healthy and active according to the vet :)


Anonymous said...

Scary trip! I love the vet, but I think I would be scared if the vet was so giant she could hold me in one hand. You must be very brave. I'm glad nothing is wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fu Fu,
It's not Butchy that got hurt, it's Buster that lives in Florida. His Mama wanted to get him a female pal and they were going to rescue/adopt the female we showed the picture of the other day. She was very mean to Buster, hurt him lots! So she is gone now, back into rescue and they are going to get her the training help she needs to be a good girl. She needs a home where she is the only pet and no children.
Glad to hear your vet check was ok. We didn't know that hamsters lose their hair when they age. Weird huh?
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

hey Fufu,
Its happy to hear you are well taking care, no mites... no ticks..etc. But you scaring me, because my boz complaint I hair dropping can be huge like a snowball.. ohh no.. I am getting old as well... :(

Anonymous said...

oh fufu,

bolding like hooman? are u feeling like a hooman oredi after living with few for so long? :-)

wet wet licks


Huskee Boy said...

Hi pal,
Glad that you got the all clear! Did you try out the tip that I gave you abt trying doggy kibbles??

Huskee Boy

Anonymous said...


If you need some extra fur, I'm pretty sure we could send you some! We have PLENTY to spare, since we lose ours year round, and in the spring in comes out in huge chunks! Just let me know, and I will send you some in your Christmas card!!

Glad you are ok! Have your mom give your lots of yummy fruit. Samuel and I like apples and Abby likes oranges. No grapes though, cuz they are very bad for doggies!


Fu Fu said...

Hi Cubby, I know... everything looks giant in my world.

Hey Butchy & Snickers, opps sorry it's probably old age cathing up to me. How did I read the wrong name. I hope Buster's better now.

Hi Poeny, you too?

Boo, I feel more doggie then human. heee

Hi Huskee, I tried doggie biscuits. Are they the same?

Hi Holly, Really woh. It'll be cool if i have Husky's fur on me. Ok, I'll request more fruits from my humans. I like apples too.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Poor Fufu, at least you get to have more fruit yum yum

Simba xxx

Bond said...

Hi FuFu, glad that all is well with you :) ...

I also like the pretty vet that you saw ... .so sweet so gentle right? >.< ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Fufu, remember us? We added u to our list of friends, not that we have many to start w...sob sob

Isabella said...

Hey Fu! So good to hear that there isn't anything wrong with you. Old age? You are only 2 years old- that's not old! If you lose more hair, maybe someone could knit you an itty bitty sweater! I could send you some of my hair next time I get a haircut.
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear you are well Fu Fu!

Keep on Blogging!

love and licks Marvin ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh Fufu, you'd still be cute even if you had no hair!

Murph the Dog

Anonymous said...

Hi FuFu: Glad you got such good news from the vet! And don't worry... our dad is mostly bald and we love him to pieces!
We like bananas and get them every day. Dave is a watermelon freak; cantaloupe comes in a close second! And we all love STRAWBERRIES!!!!! Yum! I like to eat mine on the living room carpet. That seems to make my mom real happy. She always thanks me for doing it!

Chelsea said...

Females dig bald men.

Well I don't personally but, I hear most of them do.

You have nothing to worry about.


Anonymous said...

FuFu, I am bald too at one of my paws. N mine is a permanent case. But i still look good. I m sure u too.


Fu Fu said...

Hi Simba, yeah I love fruits too. They are real yummy.

Bond, yes the vet is nice.

Hey Boy and Baby, thanks. I also add a link to you guys. Dont worry, you'll make lots of friends here. Boy, your paw too. I hope I still look cute like you.

Isabella, a sweater.. that sounds really cool. hee

Hey Marvin and Murphey. Thanks, you guys are great.

Hey Amber, you guys get to have a pretty wide variety of fruits. Haa really? Your mum thanks you for eating on the carpet?

Thanks Chelsea. I hope I stay cute :)

~ fufu

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Fufers,

I'm very relieved that you are well.


BLU and Comet said...

Fu fu, My girl saw the picture of you in a towel and thought they were doing surgery on you. Glad it was just scraping skin! I had to go to the vet a couple of weeks ago because I'm losing my hair too! Maybe it's something in the water?

The vet scraped my skin too. That wasn't too bad. The worst part was that they made the girl chase me with a cup to pee in. I'm glad you are ok and don't have to pee in a cup too!

Jay said...

Hi Fufu, J said no worries about the trip. She is glad that your balding is nothing worrying. I am happy too!


Stinkypaw said...

Hey Fufu, I sure hope you'll feel better! I once had a similar problem but it was because I was nervous and bored, so I licked my belly completely bare, but I had no skin condition or anything. I stopped doing that, on my own and now have all my fur back...

BTW, check out this new blog ( that my mommy made because she wants the world to know that there's nothing like our love.

hana said...

I'm so glad the vet said you are in good form! But, I am sad that the vet says the balding is due to old age. I don't want you to get old Fu Fu. It makes me sad.

Fu Fu said...

Thanks Max, Eil is also relieved. :)

Oh BLU, you did the scrap skin test too? Haa. yeah good thing I dont have to pee in a cup. It'll take eons to fill the cup

Yeah Jay. J is the best. :)

Hi Stinkypaws. Glad to hear that you are ok now. Take care ok. Good that your mummy created a blog for you.

Hey Hana, yeah how come balding comes with old age. But I'm still very active Hana. ;)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Aren't car-rides the best?

I have a bald eye now where I got attacked. It doesn't show cuz my fur is so long right now. We hope it heals up and grows back!

Love ya lil guy!

Bussie Kissies

Shmoo said...

I'm glad you didn't have anything wrong with you. I've had skin problems before and had ookie stuff sprayed on me, that's not fun, it tasted bad too when I tried to tongue wash it off.

Happy Thanksgiving from the US


Anonymous said...

I don't want you to get old either, Fu Fu. You are way too cute! I am confident that your bald spot is nothing to worry about though! :) Glad that your vet visit went well!

Anonymous said...

Fufu, you must have been so scared during that car ride, but I'm sure you trust Eil cause she loves you lots. And yippee, you get to eat more fruit! That's a good thing, right?

Fu Fu said...

Hey Buster, I was shaking in my tank in the car ride. I think I got dizzy... I hope your eye get heal soon

Hi Meeshka, Happy thanksgiving. Really? the medicine taste yucky. Good thing the vet didn't gave me any medicine

Ronak, thanks. I think you're really cute too

Hi T-man. Yup, good thing Eil was with me the whole time. Yeah to more fruits. :)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Dear Fufu, I am sooo happy you are good and healthy! It's tough getting older. I'm not loosing my fur, but it is turning very gray so I kinda know how you feel. You're lucky you never have to go back to the vet. I have to go once a year for a check up and sometimes shots, yuck! You restu up now little buddy!

Your pal,

Chiyo said...

good to hear that's all's well with you! :) did the skin scrape hurt??? sounds painful! :) well, remember to ask eil to take you out more often, but not to the vet's!! :)


Toby said...

Yay, great to hear that you're in perfect health!~ Make sure to eat ur fruit...its good for you.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Roo, Aw.. your hair is turning grey? But you'll always look cute to me. :)

Hi Chiyo, Nope the skin scrap test is not painful. But the process is a little scary... I just hope Eil gives me more treats.

Hey Toby. Thanks :) Yup I'm getting fruits everynite now.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're A-OK, little buddy!