Thursday, January 11, 2007


There are lots of cats in the streets of Singapore, you see them everywhere. In food centers, car parks, below our apartments...

These photos are taken by Eil's cousin, T jie jie.

Most of the time, some of the residents will fed the cats and play with them.

I wonder if they're friendly. But they look kinda scary to me... My friend Sunshade likes cats too. Maybe I can ship one to her???


Oscar Airedale said...

I have a fat cat in my house. She doesn't like me much cos I always steal her food.

Oscar x

Boo said...

be careful, extremely careful of those fluffy cats! they'll eat you alive! that's what i heard. you can friend friend with us doggis enough lah.

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Stay away from the cats Fufu, they like hamsters, for dinner!!

Simba xx

Hammer said...

Hi Fu Fu

If I was you, I'd stay away from the cats. They're the same as snakes to me. They could hurt you bad. You are too precious to get hurt. We all love you too much. So, Fu Fu, listen to me, STAY AWAY FROM THE CATS !!!

Love from Hammer

Maggie said...

You would be a tasty morsel. Stay away from the kitties Fufu!

Love ya lots,

umekotyan said...

There are a lot of cats.
It's call cat's street.:)

From loved ume tyan

Finnegan said...

Be careful of the kitties, Fu Fu! I live with kitties and they are nice to me (except when Donald is stealing my food) but they kill little mice! EEK!!!

Sam Iam said...

Cat's here and there ..Cat's everywhere.woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

Jessie and Jake said...

Hmm that is too bad that they are running around everywhere.

The poor things need warm houses.

But not yours Fufu - you will look like a hamburger to them!

The Army of Four said...

Don't trust them, Fu Fu! Don't trust them!
Play bows,

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

No cats for fu fu! You should do what I do when I see a them up a tree! But you're kinda small...hmm...better just steer clear!

Lots of love,

T-man said...

Those poor kitties! I'm glad someone is feeding them and that the weather doesn't get cold there. They look pretty healthy. Fufu, you probably don't want a kitty as a friend. CC-man needs to stay away from them too.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh no FuFu,
Please hide from those cats. They are all looking for a warm tasty meal and that means you! Cats love mousies or anything that even looks close to them. They even eat baby bunnies, gross! Stay safe in your house.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Where do they poop if there's no litterbox?

Bussie Kissies

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Be very wary of them. Some of them are not too friendly... They might mistook you for thir kitten and adopt you..hehe

Boy n Baby

Bogart said...

I live with 4 cats Fufu and I can confidently say that you should be very, very careful around them. They stalk little guys like you that try to get into our apartment and the cats are really good at scaring them...

Stay safe, my friend...


Joe Stains said...

I have heard you can try to be friends with those cats, but NEVER trust them!!

Fu Fu said...

Oscar, you eat cat food?

Boo, yeah I like to be friends with you doggies. Cats... I dont know.

Argh! Simba, really. I'm staying away from them

Ok Hammer, AWAY from CATS.

Maggie, I dont want to be a morsel to anyone.

Ume tyan, yes. There are alot of cats here

Fu Fu said...

Finnegan, eiii they kill mices. Scary..

Hey Sam, yeah they're everywhere.

Jessie & Jake, what.. I dont wanna be a hamburger.

Ok Zim, Don't trust them...

Rosco, I wish I can chase them up the tree. heee

Ok T-man, Me and CC-man have to stay away..

Butchy & Snickers, What they eat bunnie babies?? Ew....

Buster, I dont know.. In the grass, I guess.

Boy n Baby, really? You think they would adopt me?

Ok Bogart, I'm scare of them now..

Hey Joey, right.. dont TRUST them.

~ fufu

Chelsea said...

Fufu, I think you are an appetizer in the eyes of a cat.

Watch out!

Holly said...

My humans use to feed all the stray cats when she was living in Japan. That is where our cat Kirby came from. When mom and her ex came back to the States she brought Kirby and Alex (who is at the Rainbow Bridge now) back with her. Kirby is 17 now, but sure doesn't act like it. He's the only kitty I like.

Don't worry about all those stray cats around you fufu, if you need protected, I will come take care of you! And then you can curl up in my fluffyness and sleep real good!


Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Fufu - I never met a hamster before. You look like a very nice hamster. I think your other friends are right about cats. I don't think they can be trusted. Be very very careful, please? I really liked reading your blog and I'm so glad you are a DWB person.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Anonymous said...

Cats are nasty! But awful fun to chase! If you're bigger than they are, that is!

Fu Fu said...

Chelsea, I dont wanna be an appetizer to anyone. :(

Kirby does sound real nice. Holly, it'll be fun to curl in your fluffy fur.

Hello Mary-Margaret, hope you like my blog so far. Ok I'm staying away from cats

Zach, I wish I'm big enough to chase some cats. :)

~ fufu

Nugget said...

Warning Fu Fu, Cats can not be trusted! We have a cat and she scratches me just for walking by!

Fu Fu said...

Hi Nugget, what your cat scratches you for just walking by? That's mean..

~ fufu

Ben_Benjamin said...

Fufu, stay away from the cats...they r extremely dangerous especially to your breed....I dont like them too even though mom owns 3 of them.

hana said...

My parents saw lots of cats in Italy. There were cats everywhere!!!

Fu Fu said...

Ben, the kittens are still in your home?

Hana cats everywhere in Italy? Seems like the cats wanna take over the world

~ fufu

Dénia said...

Hello, I'm Misty, Dénia's little cat. You know Dénia? Isabella's little French friend....well, Dénia's cousin has got a little Hamster girl called Coquine. I would not touch her. I don't even chase her! I swear. See? Some of us, cats can be friendly!!!