Monday, January 22, 2007

Rain's Concert was FANTASTIC!!!

Hello everyone... Rain's concert was really great. It was drizzling a little when Eil set off to the Singapore Indoor Stadium but the weather was great over there. She didn't bring her digital Camera as she heard (and actually saw) people being stop by urshers to delete files from the camera. I think it's due to the no filming rule. So you gotta excuse the poor quality and small pic of today's post.

Here's outside the stadium

A model of his own plane

A stand board of Mr Rain with his plane

Inside the stadium. That's the stage in the center with the screens on the sides.

The show was great with many pyrotechnics, videos (at one time Eil didn't know where to look as they were playing different videos at the same time) and Mr Rain really dance like the demon. The below videos are pretty blur (sorry about that) but you can hear the sound pretty clearly. Mr Rain did not throw any shirt last nite but he did throw a few towels to the audience. But Eil was sitting too...... far away from the stage. hee But she really enjoyed herself, it was really a world class performance. Good job Mr Rain, I hope you'll come back to Singapore again. :)

I'm coming

It's Raining

Here's where he call everyone his Babies

Here's the merchandise that Eil got, those 3 items cost a total of $88. *sighs* seems Eil is very fated with this 88 number.

Ok enough of Mr Rain, do come back tomorrow on updates on ME. I hope Eil still remembers that this is MY blog.


Shai said...

Yay! Glad you enjoyed the concert! :)

Scrappy said...

WoW that concert looked stunning. I wonder if he will ever come to Au as I read in the link you posted that he is "Asia's Justin Timberlake."

Glad you had a good time.

Tail wags

Hui Min said...

i saw his interview on channel news asia this morning!!! :) hee hee yes i would agree that he's a very goodlooking hooman pup :) and is he coming up with a movie too??? i'm sure eil will catch it :)

p.s. now that the concert's over, eil can spend more time with you again instead of daydreaming about Mr Dreamy Rain :p


Oscar Airedale said...

Glad Eil enjoyed the concert! I think you have to reclaim your blog now though FuFu!

Oscar x

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Wow, that stuff is $88. But we quite like the calendar. So Fufu, what were you doing while Eil was at the concert?

Boy n Baby

Boo said...

ah fufu, i like the calendar too. it sure look nice on mom's office table.

mom said she catch the show Full House on and off on tv last year. but she's no fan of korean show coz it's so soppy & long & tedious! sorry!

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hmmmm, I could get a crush on this guy too!

Bussie Kissies

Jessie and Jake said...

WOW isn't it odd that your mom actually has other interests besides you?

How dares she :-)

T-man said...

It's fun watching Rain's concert on your blog, Fufu. We never hear about him where we live (unbelievable!). It looks like he put on a great show.

Anyway, that's nice that you share your blog with Rain. Maybe someday Mr. Rain will do an internet search of "Rain hamster", and find your blog and read all about you!! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow - that was lots of people screaming. You're lucky you didn't go - your ears would have hurt! Sounds like Eil had a great time! Sure looked like fun.

Chelsea said...

I never heard of this person neither has Mama. We both agree though that we never knew anyone so excited to see Rain.

hee hee....

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
I saw the mumerous reports of Rain on TV, magazines, etc.. his new haircut looks cute.. my mum is trying to convince my dad to do the same to his fringe.. hee..

Tom said...

well I hope she bought you $88 worth of treats and toys!!

Joe Stains said...

Oh nooooes, that was Me, not TOM, that is my dad and he left himself signed in!

Fu Fu said...

Hi Shai, thanks the concert was GREAT!

Scrappy, yeah it was spectacular. I dont think Au is in his world tour list but you never know. He just might go there.

Chiyo, the movie will only be out in March. Yeah I think Eil will watch the movie when it screens here

Yah Oscar, I'm back...

Boy n Baby, the calender is S$30. It's very nice. I was watching tv at home lor. :(

Boo, Eil loves Full House...

Hee, Buster really? YOU?

Jessie & Jake, hum.. I'm just letting her have some 'off' days for Rain then her attention is back to me now.

T-man, yeah I hope Rain knows that he has furry fans too. :)

Zach, Eil's ears were still ringing when she came back from the concert.

Chelsea, his fans so love him.

Huskee, really your dad wants to get Rain's haircut. It's not too difficult. I think you need a bowl. :P

Joey, how come your dad sign on to your computer. Yeah I want $88 of stuff too

~ fufu

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

ohhh.u luv rain??

my owner dun fancy him that much, coz over here in malaysia, v had heavy flood...

Fu Fu said...

Hey Pacco, yeah I heard about the flood in Msia. How is it now?

~ fufu

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

hehe...not sure..

but my place is fine...onli johor n malacca is struggling..