Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Ears

Hum... nothing much to report today. The weather in Singapore has been good these few days with minimal Rain and mostly lots of Sunshine. I think lots of doggies are happy that they can go for walkies outside. :)

I'll keep my ears open (aren't my ears clean) for any news and keep you all updated.
Fufu out~

Countdown to Rain in Spore: Today!!! He's coming Tonight!
Countdown to Concert day: 3 more days

ps: Singapore Doggies and Boo, I hope you've made full use of the last few rainless day.My "weather forecast" is pretty accurate. Mr Rain is already on his way here from Seoul and I can hear the thurder roaring outside already. It'll be a wet weekend...


Oscar Airedale said...

Hey FuFu, glad you're having good weather. We have gale force winds & torrential rain here in England, yuck.

Oscar x

Simba said...

Yep Oscar is right, we are having winds of up 90mph. Mummy says I'll make a great kite, gulp.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

Wow! Your mom sure does keep those ears super clean! You sure are cute Fufu!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

hey fufu, i thought RAIN is coming from hong kong??? he will be coming to KL first rite? that's what i heard... i mean watch... i mean, oh doesn't matter how i got the news!

wet wet licks


Marvin The Dog said...

Your weather don't sound as much fun as mine at the moment FuFu, I am ridiculously over excited about the white stuff we are getting at the moment!

love Marv xxxx

Marvin The Dog said...

ps your ears are very clean and pink, I would like to bite them! But only in a deeply affectionate way!

Hui Min said...

it just poured outside!!! hahahhaa


umekotyan said...

The ear that the weather forecast strikes is good.
It is the best for laundry.

From loved ume tyan

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
Got the car keys.. coming to pick you up at 11pm so we can reach the airport before Rain's flight touches down at 11.50pm..

Finnegan said...

Oh, Fufu, it's cold and might snow a ton where I live. That will only make filming my movie all the more exotic for those without snow!

You do have cute wittle ears! They look soft too!


The Army of Four said...

Our mom lived in Seoul for 2 years. She said it rained there a LOT ... but I think she means a different kind of rain....
Play bows,

Jackie The Puggle said...

We had snow in Texas. I love snow. I like to eat the ice that falls on the ground.

Sam Iam said...

Ha such clean tiny,woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

The Airechicks said...


You must be able to hear BIBI're very clean boy...

How does Eli keep your ears clean??

Holly said...

You have such nice cute clean ears! My human dad has to clean mine out every once in a while or else I start to dig at them with my back claws. I think it feels good it itch my ears like that, but I guess the humans think that means they need cleaned. Humans......what do THEY know!?


Chelsea said...

Fufu, what lovely ears you have!

I am sure a female hamster would love to nibble on those babies!


T-man said...

Fufu, you have beautiful ears! You'd better cover them from the thunder that Rain has brought. I hope Eil will take an umbrella to the concert!


fee said...

mister rain! has eil finally decided that she is going to the concert after all? what's the damage like?


Fu Fu said...

Oscar & Simba, the weather sounds real scary at your side.

Thank you Maggie, You're really cute too.

Boo, no lah. He left Hong kong last week already. He's already in Singapore now. Will be leaving here on 22th. Then next weekend he'll be in KL. Brace yourself for RAIN. heee

Marvin, you got snow. I want i want. Ok just dont bite too hard

Hee hee Chiyo, what did I tell you about the weather. :)

ume tyan, yeah. It'll be good for the laundry if the weather forecast is good.

Huskee, your car so nice. hee

Finny, it's snowing at your side. Do keep warm.

Woh Zim, can your mum speak korean?

Jackie, I wish we get snow in Singapore too

Hey Sam, thanks *blush*

Airechicks, yeah the cleaned ear is good to hear when there's food coming. :)

Holly, I clean my ears with my back feet too.

Hee Chelsea, not too much nibbles.

T-man, i heard that it'll rain in the stadium too.

Fee, yes Eil has given in to temptation and got the $188 tix to his concert.

~ fufu

Joe Stains said...

we are getting rain in AZ but it does not look like an asian man??

Fu Fu said...

Hey Joey, what does your Rain looks like?

~ fufu