Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year Tag and Pet Safari

I've been tagged by a few of my friends to list 5 new year resolutions. Here goes:
  1. Try not to be too greedy with treats
  2. Share my toys and food with Bibi
  3. To read books instead of eating them
  4. Not be fussy on food
  5. Finish the vitamins that mama feeds me

Here are some pictures of the new Pet Safari in Singapore. It's located in VivoCity(largest mall in Singapore)

It's actually a mega shop that sells pets, pet stuff and provides services like grooming

Check out the toys~

And the food~

This cute little dude (he's a sapphire winter white, same as Bibi) was hiding under his food bowl

These 2 were fighting (white face Roborovskis), probably over a sunflower seed.

And this normal winter white is just chilling in his little house.


Boo said...

hey fufu,

if you didn't mention the little dude, i thought there's jut a food bowl there. hehehe.

you know, we have a Pet Safari here too. it is located at ikano power center, the same place as ikea store. it is huge and mom loves to go there coz she said "variety variety and more variety". even the sign board is the same too.

wet wet licks


T-man said...

That place is awesome!! I hope Eil bought lots of little houses and toys for you after her visit.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was just a food bowl too! That little dude sure knows how to camouflage himself!

Did'ja get any good stuff from the store?

Holly said...

That looks like a fufu paradise with all those toys and food! You must get Eil to buy you all sorts of that fun stuff!!


Fu Fu said...

Boo, Eil haven't been to ikano power center before. Is it accessible by public transport. She's been to the 2 stories pet shop in Mid-Valley mall.

Zach, I know. That little hamsterrier is good at camouflaging.

T-man & Holly, Yeah Eil and mama got me something from the shop. Will post about it later. ;)

~ fufu

Simba said...

I didn't notice the little dude under his food bowl either. Cute but not as cute as you.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

What a toy store! A hooman could spend their life savings in there -that's the idea, right! hehehe


fee said...

happy new year fufu! may it be full of grains and nuts and toys for you!

are we allowed at the pet shop? i'd love to go there and pick a few things up!


wally said...

hi fufu!

that store looks like heaven. humans should visit these stores more often. we can't be too spoiled!


umekotyan said...

Even Japanese does the safari to a pet safari of Singapore.:)
The toy and the eating one are a lot.
It is a house that seems to be cold.

From loved ume tyan

Finnegan said...

That little guy under the bowl has the same type of coloring as my kitty friend, Mr. Stinny! The last picture looks like he has his cheeks filled with goodies.

I wish I could do that...


Finnegan said...

That little guy under the bowl has the same type of coloring as my kitty friend, Mr. Stinny! The last picture looks like he has his cheeks filled with goodies.

I wish I could do that...


Finnegan said...

That little guy under the bowl has the same type of coloring as my kitty friend, Mr. Stinny! The last picture looks like he has his cheeks filled with goodies.

I wish I could do that...


Boo said...

fufu, i'm not sure about bus. but i know there's feeder bus from the LRT station especially to there. next time when eil is coming here, i'll let her know the direction.

my hooman haven't been to mid valley for ages bcoz the traffic and parking there is too awful. mom once got lost in the parking!

wet wet licks


The Army of Four said...

Did you get to go, Fu Fu? Or did you get treats at least? Gee, that little guy in his house is really cute!
Play bows,

Roo said...

Hi Fufu, I have tagged you, but I see you've already been tagged, oh well. Me & Momma want a Pet Safari here in the U.S. Wow, is that one fantastic place!! No wonder you have so much good food and toys! Your sure are one lucky hamsterrier!

Your pal,

Joe Stains said...

that store looks GREAT! I didnt know there were so many kinds of hamsterriers

The Airechicks said...


GREAT selection of toys and food....

Cute fuzzy faces too....Did you not get to go and say "HEY" ??

salchicha & lilly said...

What a great store! We could spend all day in there picking out treats and toys. We only have Pet Smart and Petco.. they're ok in a pinch..hehe.

Happy New Year also! We've enjoyed meeting all our new friends also, never thought we've have a great friend in a hamster! You are a cutie.

Hui Min said...

wow that store looks really big! i will have to get HM to check it out and buy more treats for me!!! :)


Tigersan said...

Keep eating those books… you’ll absorb the information a lot easier ;)

Chelsea said...

Weren't you allowed to go to the mall too>????


Fu Fu said...

Thanks Simba, but that little guy is cute too.

Maggie, that is such a great idea.

Fee, happy new year to you too. I'm not too sure if pets are allowed there. Maybe can call them up to ask.

Wally, I totally agree with you that we can't be too spoiled.

Hi ume tyan, You like that pet safari?

Hi Finny, Oh.. Mr Stinny sounds cute. Yeah it'll be great if our mouth are full of treats

Fu Fu said...

Hey Zim, nope I didn't get to go but the humans did bought something back for me.

Roo, I hope you get a pet safari near you soon ok.

Hi Joey, yeah there are many types of hamsterriers. Some of them are really terrors. Hee

Hello Airechicks, Yeah the humans were there a long time to look at the furries.

Hey salchicha & lilly, you guys are cuties too

Yeah Chiyo, ask HM to get you more toys and treats there. :)

Tigersan, really eating the book is better?

Hi Chelsea. I dont know if pets are allowed there. But I dont want people to mistake that I'm up for sale.

~ fufu

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You don't fight, do you Fu-ster?

Bussie Kissies

Fu Fu said...

Hey Buster, nope. I've never fight before and I've never bitten any humans yet. :)

~ fufu

Jessie and Jake said...

You have the best pics - you are soo creative for a small guy (and mama says cute and clever too blah, blah - we get it mama - you love fufu).

Anyway - we love visiting your site too.

e said...

oh fufu
Thanks for letting us know about this pet safari place in vivo city. Eve's gonna go crazy shopping there when she's in Singapore.
yippee!!! More toys for Fei.

Fei & E

hana said...

Wow, what a store!!! Maybe one day you could pick all of us up in your Fufu Mobile and we can all go on a shopping spree!

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. Thank you Jessie & Jake. I love to visit your site too. Help me say thanks to your mum. :)

Hey Eve, yeah. It's a great place to buy lots of toys and treats for Fei. :)

Hey Hana, What a great idea for all of us to go for a shopping spread there. ;)

~ fufu