Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fufu does Yoga!

Ok, remember in my previous post I said that I can do yoga.
Let me show you the steps:

First lets do warm up first.
Stretch left....

Stretch right...

Then you bend and turn around and hold this pose for 10 sec

Then you try to put your foot up and try to touch your ear.

Then you warm down and rest

See I'm a very healthy and fit hamster. :)


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
Those were great pics.! Eil must have been watching you for a long time to capture those pics.. I will try out those poses myself!

Hey, can I add your link on my blog?

Fu Fu said...

Hi Huskee boy,

Eil is annoying and always harassing me to take photos. Like paparazzi like that. But most important is I'm a good model with great poses. heee

Sure, I've linked you in my blog too. Thanks

~ fufu

Jay said...

Fufu... can you be my yoga guru please? Pretty please??

I wanna learn the Sun Salutation.

Hey Huskee... wanna join my class? You, me and fufu.. how?

Fu Fu said...

Sure Jay,
I think some yoga would be good for you too. It'll make you more flexible to reach for treats too. hee

~ fufu