Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fufu learns to read

Hi everyone, one of Eil's favourite past time is to read books. So one night while she was reading, I asked her to gimme a look at the book to see what's so interesting.

There were words and pictures in the book. But I dont really understand the reading business and after a while, I decided to try if the book is tasty.

It was then that Eil decided no more reading for me as she was afraid that I'll spoil her book. Hello... Who? Me? Spoil your book *Gives innocent look*

Oh good news to report. Some of my doggie friends have noticed a bald patch on my back. I'm losing hair there, I'm not sure why but Eil did some reading up and post the question on National Hamster Council (recommend by Javi, Nana and Luna's dad. They are both very cute hamsters)
And it seems that it's normal for a mature hamster to be losing hair (I'll be 2 coming Feb).

But the family have been trying to help by changing my diet and change my bedding and cleaning up my house regularly. Eil even spotted little baby hair growing out and now I have tuffs of hair at my back already. I hope my hair will grow out nicely so that people wont laugh at me and say "Ugly hammie"

Will you guys still be my friends even when I lose my hair?


Jay said...

I will still be your friend! I hope your hair will grow out soon :)

mynameisboo said...

omrat, u r bolding! your owner must be very sad to see your bold spot!

few months ago, the vet has to cut some of my left ear's hair bcoz of infection. until now, that part of hair has yet to fully grow longer. that's why mom has been thinking to have a teddy bear cut for me next month.

licky wet wet licks


Boo Boo said...

I will always be your friend :) In case you need some fur, I can contribute some to you :)


T-man said...

Fufu - You would be cute even if you were bald. I wouldn't worry, except just make sure you don't get cold! It sounds like it's growing back anyway.

Roo said...

Hey FuFu, books are pretty tasty aren't they? I've eaten a few in my day, hee, hee! I will be your friend no matter what! I have a bald spot on my chest and Momma calls it my "kissie spot."

Your pal,

P.S. I hear some hoomans think bald is sexy!

The Army of Four said...

Our dad is partly bald and we love him to pieces! Ha roooo! oh... and if you need any hair, we've got PLENTY around here. We could ask the UPS man to take some to you.
Play bows,

Wired for Mackie said...

I'll be your friend, little pal! Have you seen my brother? He has tons of hair and you can have some of his if you want it!

Your pal, Mackie

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

a lot of hair, no hair, doesn't matter. It's what's in your heart that matters and you, my friend, have the hugest heart I have ever seen. You are a credit to DWB!


Anonymous said...

Us terriers can be prone to skin problems....maybe you shoulda been a hamstador and you wouldn't have the skin problem!

Bussie Kissies

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Fufers,

I will still be your friend even if you don't have hair, well as long as you let me break your monkey's neck. My mom wants to learn how to do videos and she'll post me breaking the neck of a toy to show you how.

he he


hana said...

Fufu, sometimes it is a good thing to be furless. Your parents won't have to brush you all the time. You do get brushed, don't ya? My mom is always coming at me with the big scary brush.

Chelsea said...

Lots of chicks dig bald men.
Don't worry.


Tigersan said...

No wonder you had a hard time with that book... it was Korean and English!!!! Your master should have been nicer to you and let you read just one book ;)

As for hair... that is just an optional think mother nature gives us... us "house-pets" don't really need that stuff anyway... and our masters would be just as happy (maybe even more so) if we didn't have it. But, if your masters are trying to take good care of you so you keep your hair, then they are just trying to keep you happy :)

How Nice!!!

Joey said...

I'll be your friend! I have a bald neck and chest too... so I know how it feels to be bald. My human granddad is almost bald too, so I guess it is a male genes thingy?

Herbie said...

Of course you'll still be a friend even if you start losing hair! I have lots of fur, I can donate some to you too. You want white or brown?

Fu Fu said...

Hi Everyone. Thanks for all your support. I love all you guys for being my friend even when I'm dropping hair and looking less cute. Pretty nice suggestions of your guys to donate your hair to me. Now I can pick all colors of hair. hee. But the problem is how to stick or implant to my back?

And Roo, yes that book looks very tasty, I wonder why the humans dont eat it...

Hey Max, you're really bend on breaking the monkey's neck aren't you. heee

Hi Tigersan, Yeah I was wondering what those funny looking words are...

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Who said you're an "Ugly hamsterrier"??? Tell them to say it to MY FACE!!!

Yes, I'll stand up for you my little guy!! Hey, your brown spots look darker now, is that because the hair is more dense there now?

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey FuFu,
We'll still love you. Our Papa has been losing his hair for years and is almost bald on top and we still luv him! Maybe our Mama could make you a hamster wig with the hair she strips off of us?? or a wire-fur coat to wear?? hehehe!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Fu Fu said...

Oh Sunshade, You're such a good friend. *Big hugs* Yeah I'm growing little tuffs of hair again. Yeah!

Hi Butchy & Snickers, really a hamster wig belt. hee.. that's sounds like a good idea. The fur coat sounds great too.

~ fufu

Chiyo said...

hi fufu! sorry i didn't get to see this entry in time.. but hair or no hair, you'll always be the wonderful cute honorary member and mascot for DWB! :) can i share some of hair with you?


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
You remember my late hamster sister Mei Mei? Well when she was about 2 she also started having a bald patch and then someone from the pet shop advised The Maid to give her a little of my kibbles.. Mama was really sceptical at first and accused The Maid of trying to murder Mei Mei.. but guess what!! Mei Mei loved the kibble and after a week or 2, the bald patch was gone!! No kidding.. might be worth a try.
Alternatively, when grandmama combs my fur, I can ask The Maid to pass some of those that are stuck on the brush to you. It should be enough you know.. it wouldn't be a problem since you live so close to me.. *grins*

Huskee Boy