Monday, October 23, 2006


One fine day when I woke up, I saw a rabbit's head hanging at my door.

I swear I didn't own any Ah Long (loansharks) money. For those who don't know "Ah longs are illegal moneylenders that splash your house with red paint and hang pig's head on your door if you fail to pay them back"

Then Eil told me that actually the rabbit head came from an old scrunchy of hers and she didn't want it already. And seeing that I was so nice to give Bibi my monkey toy. She asked mama to cut out the rabbit to give me.

Phew, I got scared for a bit there... Great, I got new toy to chew now. ;)
One great news is that Isabella is back, read about our great rescue mission on Zach's blog.
I still can't believe how we left Sunshade behind. Haa...


Anonymous said...


I KNOW!!! I couldn't believe how you guys just left me, I mean, is 64 lbs of meat that invisible?? It's ok, the important thing is that we have Isabella back.

I read your comment on Zach's page, and I just want to tell you not to blame yourself too much. BUT, you can blame Bibi for me. I doubt you could have done anything since you are super tiny and looks a lot like my dear Mousie. Bibi on the other hand.... if I had caught a scent of him, I'm sure I would have been up and ready to .. *ahem*.... nevermind.

Cool bunny head to chew on, would you like a REAL HUGE bunny head to chew on?? I'm not exactly on good terms with Georgie right now.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Boo Boo said...

A bunny head to chew !! Good !!

Tell you what Fufu, if that bunny heads falls into my hands, i will chew both its eyes out first ... then they ears ...

Thats Boo Boo's style :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow bunny head! I must go now, I think I hear one of my bunnies calling me to play!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Good evening, the rabbit of sunshade was here.
It became desperate and it looked for. hahaha

Hey Cheater! said...

I have "ah long" heads in my front door regularly and they are SNAKE'S HEAD. I didn't tell you guys my new owners' hse is always invaded by brown snakes!

mynameisboo said...

hey fufu, when you chew on the rabbit head try think of how georgie (sunshade's best bud) feels... oops! i shouldn't make you feel guilty with new toy... *shame of me*

wet wet licks


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Fu Fu,

Make sure you discipline him properly. Just because he doesn't have a neck to break doesn't mean you can still break his neck. OR does it?


Toby said...

Maybe next time, they can put a note on the new toy that says "To Fufu". That way, you don't have to be so scared for nothing!~ Which part are you going to chew up first?


Chelsea said...

Are you sure that's a toy?
It looks edible.

Eat it.


T-man said...

I'm glad that you aren't in trouble with the moneylenders. Of course, you look like a hamster that would always pay his debts on time :)

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hehe. Sunshade will be happy with you coz Georgie is not THE best buddy now.

That must be scarry waking up to face a BUNNY FACe starring at you.

Happy chewing

Lots of licks, Scuba

hana said...

Fu Fu, yesterday I met a doggie that was your size!!

Isabella said...

Hey Fu! Have you got that rabbit head chewed up yet? I wish you could have stayed longer the other night, I would have shared my toys with you.
Big Wags,

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, Bibi said he's sorry for leaving you behind too. And is Georgie that bad of a bunny. He's so huge, he'll end up chewing me.

Boo boo, you want me to keep the ears for you to chew?

Buster, you have bunny friends too?

Hi umekotyan, opps really? Georgie was here?

Hey Cheater, SNAKES? really, yucks!

Boo, I dont think Sunshade would mind. Have you see what Georgie is up to lately? hee

Hey Max, well I can break the bunny's ears. hee

Toby the ears look tempting... dont they. Yeah, a note would be nice.

Chelsea. I'm trying to chew it.

T-man, of course not. I dont own no moneylender anything. :)

Hey Scuba, yeah I got such a shock. I think I need more comfort food to comfort me.

Hana, really? A doggie MY SIZE??

Hey Isabella, you want to help me chew the bunny head? You're such a nice doggie to offer to share toys.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

I guess I would have been scareded too Fufu! Luckily you didn't owe anybody and you got a nice bunny head out of the deal. Have lots of fun with bunny head! You know the stuffin's inside bunny head would make a very comfy bed for you, hee, hee!

Your pal,

Fu Fu said...

Hey Roo, Yeah i look to get the stuffings out. :)

~ fufu