Monday, December 04, 2006

My cards

Hey, check out the xmas cards I had gotten so far..

Can You see me? I got cards from BLU & Comet, Opy & Charlie, Boo, Dory, Butchy & Snickers, Herbie, MJ, Simba, Kingsley, Joey & Jack, Tin Tin, Isabella, Bogart, Freda and Boy & Baby.
That's 15 cards already.

Hum.. I wonder if the flower on Boo's card are tasty...

2 of the cards have me inside. Hi MJ, that's a cute look alike of me you found on the internet. ;) And I made my way into Butchy and Snickers card. Butchy & Snickers also gave me a xmas surprise. More about that in later post. :)

And I think some of our Doggie friends make really great cards that are Hallmark worthy. I'm so proud to received cards from the above productions. :)


Anonymous said...

Fufu, We almost could not see among the cards then Mama pointed you out.

Yup, all the cards are so beatiful. And pls take a photo of yourself with the bandanna. We sure you look so so hansome.

Boy n Baby

Toby said...

FuFu, I see you! I mean I see you in one of the cards we recieved too!~


Anonymous said...

Wow FuFu, you are famous!!

Anonymous said...

Looking good, FuFu. You can't hide from us!

Anonymous said...

Fufu I think you should demand payment of royalties for the use of your likeness.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

It came in a lot of Christmas cards.
All are unique and good.
When I do for a while, I also show the Christmas card that I made from blog.

From loved ume tyan

Chiyo said...

fufu you sure are living up to the name of DWB mascot!! :) in TWO cards! that's more than any other dog will be in! :) today i just received a whole bunch of cards too. but not yours yet. i can't wait :)


Jay said...

Wow Fufu.. you have some nice cards! I also have got some cards already.. :)


Anonymous said...

AWWWW Fufu, loved your pictures and your cards =)

fee said...

teehee! i saw you in the x'mas card butchy & snickers sent! i'm going to do mine soon too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fufu, I got your card, you worked really hard on it. Daddy opened my card with me, it seems Daddy is one of your biggest fans and visits your blog every day while he's at work.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...


You are just a DWB fav, to end up in two cards!

Murph the Dog

Anonymous said...

oooooh Fu Fu! I am overwhelmed with yur pretty pretty card with my name sewn on it as well. mine will be in the post to you tomorrow. You are the coolest Hamster I have ever known.

I am in love with a Hamster!

Marvin.....with tears in his eyes. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

omDOG! simba boy all the way in UK got your card and i still haven't got it! somebody, pls bomb my post office!


i think the bigger of all the cards (the one in orangy back ground and red top) is from boy n baby?

yes, pls show us the bandana! we heard it but... when are you going to show us?

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

I mailed yours over a week ago?
What's taking so long???


BLU and Comet said...

Fufu, That's a lot of cards to hide behind. I almost couldn't find you. I can't wait to see your card.


Anonymous said...

15 cards!! I am still far to go.. d other day I am thinking your owner manage to get your size of christmas hat..?? haha

Fu Fu said...

Boy n Baby, Glad you guys can spot me among the cards. hee

Hey Toby, i hope you can get my card soon.

Hi Ronak & Zach. Thank you. ;)

Buster, I'm happy that people like me to use my pictures. Hee

Ume tyan, You also made your own card?

Chiyo, I hope you'll get my card soon.

Jay, I got your card yesterday.

Fu Fu said...

Thank you Snowy. :)

Hi Fee, have you got my card?

Simba, you got my card already? That's fast.

Murphey, I'm glad that friends in DWB likes me

Marvin, You got my card already. That's fast work on the postman. Glad you like it. I like you too. :)

Boo, yup that top card is from Boy n Baby. It's very nicely done. I like it very much.

Chelsea, I dont know. i think I should get your card soon...

Hey BLU, Do let me know if you like my card ok. :)

Hi Poeny, I got your card yesterday. :)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Hey Fufu - You are the most famous hamster ever!! I hope Bibi isn't feeling too jealous. He can enjoy looking at your cards too.

I'm looking forward to receiving your card :) Mine will be mailed this week. I hope you get it before Christmas..

Tigersan said...

Super cool. Don't eat all those cards at once ;)

Fu Fu said...

Hey T-man, yeah I think Bibi's a little jealous at all the cards.

Tigersan, ok I'll try not to eat them.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Ok.... Mine will be on the way.....

A VERY embarrassed,
Miss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, No worries. I'm sure your card will be nice and worth the wait.

~ fufu