Monday, December 11, 2006

My xmas cards vs Eil's

Yeah, I received 8 more xmas cards over the weekend. They are from Boo boo & Bond, Hershey & Cooper, Rafv, Susan & Beau, The fleas gang, Fei, Jaffe & Kayle and Buster. My total card now stands at 35. Hee.. And Eil has got a grand total of ...... 1.
And it's not even from her friend, it's from her optician. (who by the way, informed her in the xmas card of their new address as they are relocating) Haa. I'm so happy to made to many friends in DWB and have gotten so many nice cards.
On the sidenote, Eil is home the whole day today. Seems that she had been in the loo too many times on Sunday and the doctor told her that it might be mild food poisoning. (I wonder what she has been eating) And the doctor gave her Lomotil and told her to drink isotonic drinks to prevent dehydration. Ok, I'm gonna try to take care of her now. More updates later. :)


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
At least Eil's got 1.. my ma has ZERO to date.. wahahahahaha... oops.. I got carried away. Now even my grandpapa is jealous of the number of cards I receive!! I am so looking forward to receiving more and more cards!

Anonymous said...

oh no, is that mean Eil won't be able to check her email... yes, my ma got zero card too. hehehe.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Its good of you to look after Eil.

Simba x

Anonymous said...

My rents got one card - from the air conditioning guy! Hahahahaha. Glad you got my card Fu!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Fufu u better take care of Eil ok.

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...

Poor Eil!! You must be extra nice to her these days. Tell her that my mom has only gotten one card too. We can let them enjoy our cards too so they don't feel so bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Eil - you must take good care of her so she feels better soon! I'm not in the swap and my humans have beat me on the cards .. two to one. Sigh. Wait until next year though, BWA HA HA.

Anonymous said...


Hehehehe! My mom and dad hadn't gotten one card until Friday when they got two. I have about 30 or so! hehehehe! Who wears the pants in our family? heheheheh!

Your pal, Mackie

Joe Stains said...

the same is happening at my house, with cards, not with the bad poopies. My mom has only got 1 card and it was from her Insurance guy!! take good care of Eil!

Jessie and Jake said...

Wow that is alot of cards!
We hope your mom feels better soon!
Last note - that head scarf looks/skirt/ wahtever is the cutest - green really is your colour and my MOM IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU - SHE HAD TEARS IN HER EYES FROM LAUGHING SO HARD.!

Freda said...

Hey Fu fu,

Received your groovys card today. Thank you very much. It must have taken you and Eil a verys long time to make all those cards. I bet your little paws were reeeeallys sore.

I've got one two one two (a lot!) of cards, too.

Sorry to hear that Eil is ill. Eil... ill... Hmmmm...? Take good cares of her but don't kiss her or you may be in the loo many times.

Again, thank you for the neato card. Happy Holidays to you and Eil.


Fu Fu said...

Hi Huskee, isn't it great that we are getting more cards then the humans in our family.

Boo, yup Eil only got to check her emails today. And she got 172 new mails. *fainted*

Simba, yeah.. gotta take care of the humans.

Buster, I love your card. You look so cute in it.

Boy n Baby, Eil is ok to go to office today. :)

T-man, how come you haven't get my card yet.. toopid postman...

Oh Zach, there's still some time to xmas. I hope you'll get more cards. :)

Mackie, hee You're the popular one in the house.

Hey Joey, really the insurance agent. Man, our humans have got no friends.

Hi Jessie and Jake, glad that I made your mum's day. Hee. Have you guys got my card already?

Hey Freda, glad you got my card already. Happy holidays to you too. ;)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

You should be getting my card any day now Fufu and I hope to get yours very soon too! I look especially for a Fufu card everyday, but my mail lady says, not today Roo. *SIGH* I hope Eil is feeling better and that her sickness doesn't last too long!

Your pal,

Fu Fu said...

Hey Roo, yes I'm checking my mailbox everyday for your card. I hope you get mine really soon

~ fufu