Monday, December 18, 2006

Tags and Votes

I'm being tagged by Jaffe Boy, Roo, Akira & Shiro, Toby, Hana, Ronak, Lillie, Meeshka and Kel & Smokey for a X’mas Tag game.

The Rules:
The player of this game starts with “3 things he would love to get for Christmas” and also has to list “3 things he definitely does not want to get for Christmas”.

The 3 things I would love to get for Christmas are:
1) Endless supplies of bread, rice, sunflower seeds and yummy treats.
2) Snow in Singapore
3) Lots of soft tissue paper to sleep in
***Extra Wishes***
4) Bibi to be more friendly and have more friends
5) Rain (the singer, not the weather) to be delivered to Eil
6) Good health and lots of $$$ for mama & papa.

The 3 things I definitely do not want for Christmas are:
1) Potato Chips (yes, I dont like chips)
2) Haze/Hot weather.
3) Taking my photos, hate the flashes

Oh... and I'm being nominated for DWB' Dec Photo of the Month. It was my FufuMOBILE pic that was picked, please vote for me. And here's more pic of my great transport. :)

Closing my boot after loading my sunflower seeds. :)

Getting into the FuFuMOBILE. :)


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
I have cast my precious vote already and it goes without saying that my money's on you!! I heard that my ma and Eil met last week.. how dare they go out without us!! Hmmph.. next time we will go out without them!!

Anonymous said...

I just love your FuFuMobile!! I bet you win that photo contest.

I'd send you some snow for Xmas but it would probably melt before it got there.

Sunshade said...

Fufu, you know who I voted for!!!!! Hey, umm... do you go to the bathroom in the FufuMOBILE??

Your wishes are so un-selfish, you are the best hamsterrier son!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Boo said...

hehehe! fufu, "closing the boot after loading sunflower seeds"? hehehe! i couldn't help but laughing out loudly.

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

I voted for you too! You in your Fufumobile is just too cute!

Love ya lots,

umekotyan said...

Yes, the straw rice bag has gotten on my treasure ship.
Be produced of rice from there.

From loved ume tyan

Hui Min said...

fufu! so sorry for not visiting sooner! but i saw your fufu-mobile from sunshade's blog, and it is absolutely YOU!!! now you can really go places! :) do come visit me one day!!! though do be extra careful to stick to the side of the road!

eil must have spent a TON of time on those socks! hand-stitched, each and every one of them! i admire her patience!! :)

and that's a great tip about the cctv!! :) hehehee... i would love to try out what you demonstrated. if only i could climb as well as you! i can't even get onto the couch!!!


T-man said...

You are so cute in that little car. You really are having fun playing in it, aren't you? My mom likes your holiday wishes, except please don't stop getting photos. We like to see how cute you are.

The Army of Four said...

You got our vote, FuFu! That is an ADORABLE picture!

Joe Stains said...

but fu fu, we LOVE the photos. maybe she can take pictures without flash?

your car is tooooo cute!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi FuFu,
We voted for you of course!!! Please vote for us for the Awesome Blog Award, Buster, Roo & Sunshade nominated us, yipee!!
Wirey Hugs & Happy Pawlidays!
Butchy & Snickers

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You should have wished for a pair of paparazzi sunglasses! Then the flash wouldn't bother you!

Bussie Kissies

Chelsea said...

You don't like getting your picture taken??

You could of fooled me!

Such natural poise!


Holly said...

Oh fufu, you are so adorable in your fufumobile! You most certainly have my vote!


Fu Fu said...

Huskee... thank you for voting me. Yah, how come our humans meet without us. Next time we meet ourselves also

Zach, thanks for the offer on the snow. Yeah, it would have melted when it reaches here.

Sunshade, no.. I would never soil in my FuFuMobile. I only pee at a designated corner in my house.

Boo, yah must close car boot before you drive off mah. :)

Thank you Maggie for your vote. You're a cute looking doggie too

Ume tyan, I saw your treasure ship. It looks great.

Chiyo, yeah now that I have my FuFuMOBILE. I can drive to visit you.

Thanks T-man, ok I'll try to bear with the camera flashes

Amber, thank you for your vote. :)

Fu Fu said...

Joey, ok Eil says she'll try to take my pic without the flash

Butchy & Snickers, of course I'd voted for you guys. :)

Buster, why didn't I tot of asking for the shades. You're so clever.

Chelsea, thanks but of course I'm not as professional as you.

Holly, thanks for your vote. :)

~ fufu

Shmoo said...

Wow, cool set of wheels Fu Fu!
Although I normally don't vote for things, I generally just take what I want or convince those through the claw to give it to me, I'll make an exception and vote for you... honorary HULA hamster


Fu Fu said...

Oh Thank you so much Meeshka.
Woh, I made it as a honorary HULA hamster too? That is so wonderful. Thanks Queen Meeshka

~ fufu

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Fufu

Yes yes I finally got to meet Eil last week. Disappointed that Huskee and you didn't come along.

I have voted for you.

Fu Fu said...

Scuba... thank you for your vote.
Yes, I heard that you're very popular that nite. Me and Huskee are planning to meet secretly without our humans. *sh...*

~ fufu