Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's Raining.

Haa.. after weeks of hot and dry weather it finally rained yesterday afternoon. It lasted till this morning. I heard Eil come back with her pants and slippers wet yesterday. hee hee.
Well blame her, I think the cause of it was because she listen too much of the It's raining song by Rain. The chorus is "Rain, go rain. It's raining, it's raining." hee

Well I only asked for cold weather, I never asked for rain. hee.
Anyway my friend Jay made me cross paws that it will not rain on his Birthday next month.

Dear sky, please do not rain on my friend Jay's birthday. Just let that day be cooling and let it be a wonderful party.. :)


Jay said...

Thanks, Fu Fu. I'm crossing my paws that it will not rain too.

And I hope that my guests will enjoy themselves.

Tigersan said...

If you want, you can make whatever rain you are diverting come over here to Okinawa... we need the rain and the cool air :)

Fu Fu said...

Really Tigersan,
It's that hot where you are? Ok hope you get cool air soon ok. :)

~ fufu