Friday, August 25, 2006

What is your goal in life?

After my friend Jay recommended me to have ice cream for this hot weather, I hinted to Eil and YEAH! I finally got some Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia yesterday. Yum yum...

Anyway I was so busy yesterday... I would wait in my house and peek outside. Whenever someone call my name or walk near I'll come out and hope they give me food.

(can see my nose when i peep from my house)

Let me see what treats I managed to get last nite...
  • Brown Rice (I heard it's more healthy then plain white rice)
  • Ice Cream
  • Seeds
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Banana
  • Bread

(when people walk pass, I'll try to beg treats out of them)

But some of the food I would not eat it immediately (like bread and seeds). I'll stash them away in a corner and maybe snack on them later. Then mama start giving me a lecture. She asked me what is my goal in life. Is it to take as many food as possible. She complain that I'm greedy and I always take more then 1 serving of food. Then I always keep my food in a corner which later attracts pests.

But but... it's in my hamster nature to stash food away. Anyway, they were more then willing to give me treats in the first place. hee hee..

Back to the question, what is my goal in life. hum... that's a really complex question but for now I think I wanna be the best pet hamster there is. Hee..

So... What is YOUR goal in life?


Tigersan said...

You are well on your way to your goal! :). For stashing away the food, you can always try to stash it in your stomach ;). And me familiar with brown rice... it is way healthier than the white variety. And you get "Dragon Fruit," wow, you are super lucky... you must deserve it though :)

Kaluah-lu said...

What an interesting question you pose.. this goal notion. I'm a dog, so for me, it's quite simple really... I get up, EAT, nose around a bit, play a little, keep an eye on Miss Kitty and sleep. I try to get my belly rubbed and sneak a drink from the toilet bowl in the main bath, but those things don't always happen. But you have one of those little wheels? A really good goal might be to try to beat the number of wheelie laps you did the day before. I wish those things came in my size.

Fu Fu said...

Yah.. mama ask the most challenging questions. hee..
Hey lulu, It'll be fun if they make wheelies your size. :)

~ fufu