Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lizard come find Fufu

Last weekend, Eil and mama were having breakfast at the kitchen when they saw me suddenly running up and down then scratching myself like crazy.

They were wondering what happen to me, they thought I might have been bitten by ants. Then they put me in the sandbox to bath and clean my cage. And I got a scolding from mama for storing so much food in my corner that attracts pests.

Later that night, mama found a baby lizard in my cage. She faster catch the lizard and the family thinks that the lizard must have been the one freaking me out earlier that day.

So now they put my cage higher on a stool so that it's not so easy for pest to come in.

Mr Lizard, please tell your friends not to come visit me liaoz. I dont like you and I'm scare of you...


Huskee Boy said...

Poor Fu Fu.. you got terrorized by lizards too? Sometimes my hamster sisters also get 'visits' from lizards 'cos mama and The Maid have seen it a few times. I think they are attracted by the sunflower seeds/ veg... you think so? (Fyi, my mum is terrified of lizards. Not long ago she ran out of the bathroom semi-naked cos she saw a baby lizard..)

Jay said...

Fu fu.... you poor thing... come and stay with me.. I will ask Aunty JM to catch all the lizards for you....

I cannot help you.. I'm scared too!

Fu Fu said...

Hi Huskee Boy and Jay,

I dont like Lizards. They make me itchy. I hope they will not come find me anymore.
Mama have start throwing my food stash to prevent pest from finding me. *sob sob*

~ fufu

MoonShadow said...

I would have loved that lizard, although it would not have like me playing with it probably. They act tough, but are really just chickens. by the way, you've been tagged. to find out what to do, please read my blog. Thanks, MoomShadow, the 80lb silver poodle