Monday, August 21, 2006

So HOT these days

Oh.. It's so HOT these days. I wonder why, is global warming happening?
I have to sleep with my head outside of my house coz it's stuffy.

Even Bibi has to lie on his back to air his tummy coz it's too warm.

Hope we get cooler weather soon...


Jay said...

Fufu, you looked as if you were stuck! I think you need to go on a diet soon.. hiak hiak hiak

Bibi sleeps so cute, like Brandy.

Tigersan said...

Don't worry, if it is global warming, me will come and rescue you :)

Fu Fu said...

I'm not stuck. And Bibi is fatter then me. Can't you see his rolls and levels of FATS!

Hi tigersan, really... That's so nice of you. I hope I dont get roasted from the hot hot weather.