Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fufu is a lucky hamster

Oh I'm such a lucky hamster.. I bring good luck to people.
The other day when it was time for me to go back to the kitchen to sleep (my cage is normally placed in the kitchen but evening time, the family will bring my cage to the living room for me and Bibi to watch tv) when Eil found out that I had throw my poo poo out of the cage and unto the floor.

She asked papa to clear it as she and mama always refer to me as papa's "son".
So papa took a tissue and clear away my poo poo.

Then next few days, I heard that papa touched 4D. haa.. but only $20. Why so little money.
Coz according to Eil, since hamsters can only produce small poo the fortune of course also small lor.
Haa.. But dont I bring luck to the family? $20 also money mah.. heeee :)


Tigersan said...

Hello Fufu :)

They also have that type of luck over here :)
Too bad my poo doesn't appear to be that lucky ;)

Herbie said...

oooh... I helped my MM's mum win a starter as well... at least I hope it was me.... they said it was me... erm...

Jay said...

Fu Fu, can you let J clear your poo? If she wins, I split with you the $$. How?

hana said...

Fufu, you are very cute, and very tiny compared to me!

Joey said...

Fu Fu, need me to sponsor you some poo? i got endless poo according to my HC.

Fu Fu said...

Really Tigersan, maybe your 'lucky' time have not come yet.

Wow Herbie, you are a lucky pet too? hee...

But my mama complain that she has been clearing my poo everyday how come she never win anything before. So I think our poo only works for lucky people.
Hee.. Jay, you can ask J to come try luck but no guarantee huh.

Hi Hana, I think you are very cute too. :)

And Joey... er... thanks but I think I'll pass on the offer on poo. heee