Monday, September 04, 2006

Thank U Jay...

My good friend Jay's owner J baked some cookies and gave some to me and Bibi over the weekend.
So nice.. I like. THANK YOU!! Jay next time got more goodies dont forget me ok. :)

Yeah I got a piece faster hide it...

Haa.. eat it at my corner

Bibi also have..

Meanwhile I heard that Eil and J went out to Sentosa yesterday with Jay and his doggie pals.
Then I heard that J saw a Irish Blue Cow. What in the world is that. I've never seen a cow much less a blue one. Why never bring me go, I also want to see. Hee.. :)


Jay said...

Glad you like the cookies. Will get J to bake more next time!

By the way, it's a Irish Wolfhound!

Fu Fu said...

Hee.. Ok. Yummy
So no cows to see at sentosa. :(

~ fufu