Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The escape that fails

Today while the mum of the family was cleaning my cage, she left the door open.
Haa.. I tot i would make my way out for a little exploration

I quite clever right, I can climb out of the cage with my strong arms. hee..
So I just climb out and since I was unfamilar outside of my cage, I climbed real slow and sniff my way around..

Then the mom spotted me outside and she thought that I was trying to escape, since she dont dare to pick me up with her hands she use a plastic spoon and try to push me back into my cage.
Then I was panicking also. I can't remember how it happened, suddenly I dropped back into my cage again. I was in shock that I faster run back to my tree trunk and hide.

Hum... she could have just tell me to go back, no need to push me mah. Make me so scare. I swear I wasn't going to escape... I was just..... looking around only. Anyway, who's gonna feed me treats if I leave.

All's ok now. The mum has given me some treats and I'm back to sleeping after my treats. Hee..
Maybe next time I should just take a peek and return to my cage faster so that they dont know that I've been out.


Jay said...

Fu Fu, you better not run out from your cage so often... later you get lost.

I got lost twice in my life.. it's very scary... I cannot find my own way back home.. luckily my family managed to find me.

Fu Fu said...

ok.. today when the mum clean the cage i only peep from my house. I dont dare to climb out already.

~ fufu