Friday, July 07, 2006

My Neighbour

Let me introduce my neighbour. His name is Bibi, I think it's derived from the fact that he looks small like a baby when he just came into the family. And he always like to lie on his back to drink water from the bottle. Dont he look cute with those beady black eyes.

He's a sapphire winter white hamster and he's really chubby. Wonder it's water retention from all the water he drinks

He live in a small tank which is always placed above my landed property cage.

But his house got lots of things too. A toy turtle, wheel and a small house. But he likes to sleep in his small pink house. I think it looks like those capsule hotel in japan, where the room is just enough to sleep in. haa. Well compact hamsters stay compact house.

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sweetsugarycupcakes=3 said...

Hi!omg, that hammy is just way too cute!!im Alexis btw :D