Monday, July 31, 2006

I love fireworks

Hi All,

Bibi the hamster here... I'm guest blogging today because Fufu is too sad to blog as no one said he's cute (eveyone feels I'm cuter. hee)

Well so more pictures of me...

I'm great at posing for photos ain't I?

Anyway, the topic I wanna blog about today is fireworks!
The family managed to get tickets to the National Day Parade Preview on Saturday and all of them went and left me and Fufu at home. Which makes Fufu even more sad :(

Well, they came back home and told me what was it about and show me some pictures.
I like the fireworks thingy very much. It's like a shiny flower opening up in the sky then become little shiny diamond dust that comes down...

I wished that someone had brought me there. I'm sure I can be smuggled in a bag. But they did said that the security was tight and there were scanning machines. hum.. I dont think I wanna be scan by one of those...

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