Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yogurt is good for you

I love yogurt!

They are so smooth and creamy and so tasty. And they are really good for you since it has calcium. And I had those that are low-fat. So that I won't become a fatty like Bibi.


Gimme more...

Anyway, I think I've always update on my blog on the tasty food that I've eaten. Maybe someone should ask me to write food reviews for them. haa

Here's a pic of fatty Bibi having some yogurt too.


Jay said...

Fu Fu... your friend Bi Bi is so cute. Like Joy... the hamster J had.

Fu Fu said...

Hi Jay,

But I'm more cute the Bibi right. Haa. you dont see Bibi cute actually he very bad temper and will bite. Not like me so nice and gentle.