Friday, July 21, 2006

Black Forest Cake - I like...

After that day I fell from the outside of my cage back into the cage, I learnt my lesson already. So these days when the mom open the top to clean my cage, I just peep up from my little house. I dont dare to climb up anymore.

Anyway all is well again as the family got Black Forest Cake and I have been eating that at night as dessert. The family gave me the cake part, I didn't get any cream but it was delicious

Bibi was such a show off. He ran really fast in his wheel when the humans were eating the cake, so they thought that he was real clever and start giving him cake too. Haa
I hope to eat cakes of other flavors too..


Jay said...

Fu Fu, you are so lucky. I don't think I have eaten black forest cake before... *pouts*

Fu Fu said...

Hi Jay,

Next time the family gimme, I keep 1 piece for you ok.
Go hint to J to buy cake give you eat..

~ fufu