Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The family gave me something they called the handphone, they say it allows you to contact someone else with it. I wonder how it works. The keypads are just right for my paws.

Let me see if I have the user manual in my pocket.. Maybe I can call Bibi and chat with him.

Meanwhile, somewhere upstairs.... zzzzzz

HELP.. Can someone teach me how to use this handphone thingy??..


Jay said...

Fu Fu, you are so lucky, got mobile phone.

J does not give me any... *pouts*

Fu Fu said...

Hi Jay,

Haa.. you should ask J to get you one. Then you can call me to chat sometimes.
We should ask our owners to get us those 3G phones. heee


Jay said...

Fu Fu... good idea... except maybe you could get Eil to get 2 mobiles? One for you, one for me?

How? Good idea right?