Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I got chocolate chiffon cake

Hee, last week mama bought some chocolate chiffon cake (which the seller says they use dark chocolate). It's so nice and yummy. The family keep it in the fridge then when they wanna eat they just served it cold and as usual they'll give some to me and Bibi.

I'm been eating that for breakfast for the past 3 days and I like it so much that when the family put seeds in my food tray, I dont eat them. I sit and wait for chocolate cake..

(please... pretty please. dont I look cute here. Give me some treats)

Hee.. I think they get my hint when they see that I dont touch my seeds, they will give me some cake. yum yum... Then later part of the day when I feel like snacking, I'll eat the seeds then.

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