Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hello World

Hi everyone,

(Me and my cool tree trunk where I sleep)

My name is renfu the hamster, but you can call me fufu.
I'm named after 王仁甫 of the 5566 group, coz my owners said i look very funny like him.
I look like him meh? Very funny meh?

But mycan also be read as which means good luck.

I'm a syrian hamster, which is also called golden hamster. I'm a boy hamster, I'm being adopted by the family on Feb 2005, I was given in a plastic tank by their cousin.
Now I've upgraded my house and am staying in a 3 story landed property by myself. Haa

I'm quite big about palm size (6 inches) but I'm very gentle and slow. My favourite past time is to sleep in my tree trunk or the small house at top level.

I love food and I will always stuff them in my cheek pouches which I will take out and snack as and when I like.

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