Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stunt Hamster

Papa and Mama recently went to watch a magic show where there were animals and they thought that the animals were clever.

But I'm very clever too... I can do stunts like climb up my cage with my bare hands and feet.

So I am able to climb from first level to the 3rd level of my house in record time.
See in the picture above I'm climbing over the wheel, isn't it clever.
It is actually quite dangerous as the wheel can turn any time and I could fall. (untrained hamsters reading this, please do not try this at home) But I actually have no problem doing this and am able to get to the 3rd level safely.

Jacky Chan, if you're reading this next time you do a movie that needs hamsters rememeber to contact me ok. :)


Nohna Tomco said...

hey i have a mouse named keemar he climbs his cage to maybe u 2 can come up w/ a stunt together.

Fu Fu said...

Hi Nohna,

Really.. hum.. Maybe I should meet up with Keemar and we can team up to perform together. hee