Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fufu and the wheel

I know that hamsters are suppose to run in the wheel and it's some form of exercise for us. So I tried the wheel yesterday.

After a while I got bored. There's nothing challenging with just running the wheel and you are still in the same place.
So I decided to try something else...

A little squeezy but I'm getting there...

Almost there...

Yeah.. I finally climbed up the cage using the wheel. Haa... Is this considered extreme sports?


Herbie said...

have you tried running in those ball thingies? The you can actually run to somewhere instead of running on the same place.

Chelsea said...

Very impressive!

If I spun around like that I would be very dizzy and would need to lie down a lot.

Then again....I do that anyways.

e said...

Hi Fufu
Eve's hammie (R.I.P) used to go on excursions on this roll around ball. Sometimes she'd hop on Brian the cat and go around on excursions too but Brian was far too old to move so hammie just sat there. Promise to put pics of hammie on Fei's blog soon so you can see!
Fei & E

p.s. It's no use. My name means Fat whichever way you say it. Eve cops it when she shouts "FeiFei" after me in public and if a "fei" person is in the vicinity, we'll usually do a runner.

T-man said...

It looks like you need a more challenging obstacle course. You should ask your mom for more equipment to train.

Boo Boo said...

Wow !! I would never be able to do that ... You are good FuFu

Fu Fu said...

Hi everyone.
The family used to have a ball where hamsters can go in and run about. But I think mama threw that away during spring cleaning. Anyway that might be too small for me coz I'm a long hamster.
Hee.. maybe I should hint to them to get me new toys. :)

~ fufu

Turbo the Sibe said...

Hmmmn...maybe I should have my Human get me one of those wheel things!

hana said...

Fufu, you sure are flexible!! And smart! Are you sure you're not an unusual looking dog?