Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This bed is too small...

Eil got a small bed from I dont know where. After putting some tissue in it, it does look pretty comfy.
Let me check it out...

Seems a bit small for me...

Maybe Bibi should try it.

It seems just nice for him and he can zzz inside

So nice, I also want a bed of my own.

Eil just told me that Jay's owner J jie jie bought the bed.
J jie jie, the bed is too small for me. Now Bibi using it.
Can get me one that is my size please....... hee..


Sunshade said... must be the luckiest hamster in the world!!! That little bed is just too cute. I hope you don't mind me adding your blog to my page because you are just too adorable.

You know, you remind me of my "Mousie" (RIP). If you check out this page, you will see pictures of me and my Mousie:

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Hi Miss Sunshade,

Thanks for visiting my blog, glad that you like it. Oh.. Mousie is so cute and you are so nice to let him climb over you.
Dont worry, Mousie is in hamster heaven where all the nice hamsters are already.

~ fufu

Kaluah-lu said...


That is truly a wonderful bed. Sweet dreams!

P.S. I'd put in a request for a pillow.


T-man said...

You are so cute!! I hope you can find a bed that fits just right. Don't forget the blanket and pillow!

Fu Fu said...


Lulu and t-man, good idea on the pillow. :)

~ fufu

Jay said...

Fu Fu, I will get J to keep a lookout for a bed your size. Not sure if she can find it though.

She is a klutz sometimes!

Koda said...

You guys are cute, I wish I could come over and play with you but mom says my paws are too big and you would wind up squished.

Fu Fu said...

Hi Koda,

If you're gentle with us, you can come play. You look cute too. ;)

~ fufu

IndyPindy said...

You guys are so cute with that bed!

Hey, it looks like you have a bald spot - what happened?