Thursday, September 21, 2006

Short post

Eil is taking leave from work today. Coz she's going over to Jiejie J's house to help out in Jay's party.
And so, she told me to keep my post short and sweet. Have a great weekend everyone.
I'll come back with reports on Jay's party next week .

See ya~


Tigersan said...

Have a good weekend too :)

Sunshade said...

Have a great weekend FuFu, dont' forget to get Eli and J jeijei to make you a blue birthday hat ok??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

fee said...

hello fufu, thanks for voting for me! how is the parent training coming along? will be back to see your pix next week!

PS: doggie poo is nice to play with! until a few months back, i was always trying to mash them and smear them all over the house!

Roo said...

Hey Fufu you have a great weekend little buddy! Take pictures if you can you know...lampshades on heads that sort of thing!

Your pal,

T-man said...

Have fun this weekend little friend!!

Kaluah-lu said...


You've actually got fingernails? Can I polish them? What color do you like?


Fu Fu said...

Hi everyone.
Oh fee, it sounds gross to play with doggie poo. hee

Hi Lulu, Yeah I got long fingernails. hee.. I like Blue, can you do french manicure? hee

~ fufu