Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tug of war

I've been playing a new game with Eil lately. One day when she was taking pictures of me, I spy the string cord of the camera. It looks fun so I bite it.

Then Eil pulled it back out...

NO!!!.. Give it to me...

Eil told me that the name of this game is call tug of war. It sure is fun, I think I have to start training so that I can pull the whole string in.


Jay said...

Fu Fu.. be careful not to tug until yout tooth come out. That happened to Brandy last time

Sunshade said... are really turning into a canine..... I wonder what your hamster ancestors have to say about that??

ps. come see if you are interested in the X-mas Card Exchange!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

fee said...

fufu! you're so clever! you've learnt to play tug too! it's my favourite game!

you're a cool lil guy!


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Fufu!
We love to play tug of war!! Mama won't let me & Snickers play this together, cause we rip the toys apart, hehehe! But we each get to play with Mama separately. We try to knock her over on her bottom, works sometimes, woof woof! That's what you have to try next time. Pull hard enough to knock your opponent on their butt, tee hee!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Roo said...

Isn't that the bestest game ever?! I love playing tug with Momma! In response to your question: am I friends with any of the chipmunks, all I can say is that we play a mean game of "catch me if you can". Keep practicing your tug-o-war skills. It looks like you will be a great contender!

Your pal,

Chelsea said...

I used to play tug of war until Mama noticed one of my teeth are kind of crooked. Must of pulled too hard while they were growing in.

No need to worry. It's not one of my front teeth so it doesn't interfere with my supermodel career at all.

Herbie said...

I don't think you can pull the whole string in coz the big big camera at the other end can't fir thru your cage. Maybe you can play cheat and nibble at the string til it breaks, then pull it in. hiak hiak hiak

Chicote said...

I don't think mom and dad would like it if I played tug a war with their camera string. They'd be afraid I would eat the whole thing. They once had to take a dog bone away from me. I was just trying to be like the other dogs.

T-man said...

That looks like a fun game. My mom and I play that too with my toys!!

hana said...

My daddy once said that he heard pn some TV show about dogs that if the human loses the tug-of-war game, the doggie (winner) thinks of the human as a real loser. So, my dad never lets me win.

Fu Fu said...

Hello everyone,
Glad you all enjoy a game of tug too. :)
I'll be careful not to lose my teeth and train hard to win . Hee. :)

~ fufu

Tigersan said...

if there is too much tug, there will be a war ;)
Me will be on your side ;)