Friday, September 08, 2006

Fufu become dog?

I have many doggie friends and all of them are very nice. Eil sometimes also gives me treats meant for dogs. I think I must have ate too much doggie treats coz Eil said that I behave like a doggie sometimes.

I like to play fetch with mama. I have a bowl in my house where they put food. At night when I come out to play. I like to pick up the bowl with my mouth and bring it to the ground floor of my house.

(picking up the bowl)

(bringing the bowl to ground floor)

Then mama would open my cage and take the bowl back up to the upper floors, I would repeat and bite the bowl down to ground floor again. This would continue until I hide the bowl in the far corner so that mama cannot take the bowl and which means I win the game. heee

(Let's do it again!)


Jay said...

Errr... I think you are a doggie in a hamster's body!

e said...

Fufu you are too cute!!!
We had a hammie too in Japan but she died in the summer. Her name was hammie. heh heh not very original I know.


Sunshade said...

I have to second what Jay are DEFINITELY a hamster in a doggie suit!! Mom says you fetch better than I do (*extreme eye roll*)

I can not believe they have hamster food with "omega 3"!! I mean, I get fish oil everyday as my supplement, but hamster pellets with omega 3?? On the other hand, it should really help your coat though.

BTW, how old are you FuFu??

Gentle love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Hey Jay, woof woof. heee

Hi Fei, I like the name Hammie. Aw. She's in hamster heaven now.

Sunshade, I'm 1.5 yr old. Yeah. I hope the omega3 in my food will help. I look weird with a bald patch on my back

~ fufu

T-man said...

You've got a great house to play in. It looks like you have your own table too! My brother, CC-man, will be jealous!

ranger said...

fu-fu, you look sweet. but if we met, i may have the urge to chase you...just a bit.


Chelsea said...

I would chase you probably but, the minute you'd turn to face me I would lay on my back and let you rub my belly.

I think you are really cute for a small furry thing. Much better than those annoying squirrels.

IndyPindy said...

What a great blog! I am going to link to you from my blog, you are the only blogging hamster I have ever met! Although I do have a link to a blogging hedgehod on my blog.

Kaluah-lu said...


There's not much to being a dog, really. You could easily take that on. Problem is, you'd have to skip a few tiers on the food chain. You're basically a vegetarian and that's not really an issue, but barking is a must. How loud can you squeak?


Joey said...

Fufu.. you are so much like me. I like to play fetch too.

Dachsies Rule said...

Hi Fu Fu! We are glad to meet you. Your blog is very interesting!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Fu Fu said...

Hello everyone.
Thanks for the comments. Hee I think I'm really good at being a doggie huh. Maybe I should change my occupation. ;)

~ fufu

Tigersan said...

Just wait for reincarnation, then you can decide ;)