Monday, September 25, 2006

Jay's Birthday

For Jay's rebirth/15th Birthday on 23rd Sep. Bibi and I made him a card

(Front of card)

(Inside of card)

Haa. It's a shiny card, Bibi designed the front while I designed the insides but of course we made Eil do the actual sticking. We dont want to get our paws sticky...

We also got him a blankie for the birthday present. As J is always hogging his blanket, we thought it'll be nice to have his own comfy blanket.

(cute and comfy blanket)

(Jay's present all wrapped up)

Eil told us that there were lots of doggies at the party and she also got to meet Boo boo who was a very well behaved dog. And apparently my prayers worked, it didn't rain that day. So Jay and his guest had a nice party with lots of food and goodies.

When Eil came back at night, I was so excited waiting for her even thought I was sleepy already. Previously Jay told me that he had prepared a special goodie bag for me but when Eil came back she told me she forgot to bring my goodie bag home. I was pretty mad at her for forgetting my goodies when it turned out that the blur women even forgot her own human goodie bag. So I forgave her after she apologize and gave me some banana muffins that she brought back.

J jie jie is kind enough to tell me that she'll pass me my goodie bag another time. Yeah. hee
Thank you J jie jie and Jay I hope you liked our present and enjoyed your party. ;)


Jay said...

Hi Fu Fu, thanks for your present. I have yet to open your present... very tired after the parties :P

Now that I have a sneak preview, I can tell you that I am gonna love your present alot!

I will get J to give the goodie bags to Jiejie Eil soon!

Fu Fu said...

Yeah. Tell me if you like the blankie when you use it. :)

~ fufu

Roo said...

Fufu you are so kind! What a great job you and Bibi did on his birthday card and you wrap presents better than my momma! That sure likes one snuggly-wuggly blankie! Jay sure is lucky to have friends like you!

Your pal,

Fu Fu said...

Hello Roo,

Yeah, Bibi and I supervised the whole card making and present wrapping process. Hee.. :)
Thanks I'm sure you'll have great friends too. :)

~ fufu

T-man said...

Fufu - That warm comfie blanket makes me want to take a nap!! Lucky Jay to have a good friend like you!

Sunshade said...

WHAT! NO GOODIE BAG FOR YOU??? must be one forgiving hamster I gotta say...... if it were me, I's not go there.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Boo Boo said...


I can share my goodie back with you ... but its all doggie food in it ... Im not sure if you can eat ... :)