Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peek a Boo

Eil was playing with me when she left the top door of my cage open.
So being the curious hamster that I am, I put my head out for a peek.

It was kinda weird to be able to stretch my head out so far, usually the bars of the cage would stop me. And it seems pretty fun to be playing chin ups.

But Eil put me back into the cage and lock up the door before I can wonder too far.


Jay said...

Fu Fu... if you wander far off, you may get lost!

Huskee Boy said...

You look so cute in that second pic!! I suggest you better not wander off.. later cannot find your way back how??

Fu Fu said...

Thanks Huskee, Have you tried doing chin ups too?
Ok, I promise not to wonder too far away. I'll be sad if I get lost.

~ fufu

mynameisboo said...

"peek a boo"... i thought you are peeking on me! :)

yeah, if only your owner will allow you to wander around the house like us right? even though i'm free at home but i still feel restraint!

licky wet wet licks

Sunshade said...

Wow must have lots of muscles from all that wheel running and now pulling yourself out of the cage!! You are sooo cute! I think they should cast you in a movie!!

Do you get along with Bibi?? I'm just curious hehe!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Hey Boo, I would love to play peek-a-boo with you. :)

Sunshade really? haa.. Maybe I can replace Tom Cruise for MI4. hee
Me and Bibi get along well as neighbours. But we dont get physically close coz he's a little nutty *if you know what I mean* hee

~ fufu

Kaluah-lu said...

Fufu! Be careful! Are there any cats about? My human wants me to tell you when she was little, she once had a hamster that looked just like you. Her hamster would get loose aaaaaaaaall the time and she would always find it inside the stove. Not the oven, but up inside the back of the stove where there is silver foil lined insulation. It wasn't a place where I'd like to go, but the hamster loved it cause it was so warm and snuggy there. Maybe that sounds like a good idea to you. Anyway... be careful! Run quick!


T-man said...

See, you're having to use your cage for chin-ups now. I'm telling you, you need more training equipment soon :)

hana said...

I see your human has put you on an exercise program. Next thing you know, there will be a running maze with cheese or something at the end.

Joey said...

Fufu.. you are the cutest hamster I've ever met. I have been begging HC to get me one as playmate too.
But HC is afraid I may accidentally swallow the hamster. You see, I don't usually bother small animals if they're in a cage. But no promises if they start running about. it's the terror in me!!!! arrrghhhh....

Fu Fu said...

Hi Lulu, no cats in the apartment but many cats below the block. Oh the oven sounds too hot a hiding place in sunny Singapore. And I promised Jay and Huskee that I wouldn't run away.

Haa T-Man, ok I'll work on getting new equipments.

Hello Hana, have you done maze before? Is it fun?

Hey Joey. :) Thank you, you look pretty cute in your photos too. Always smiling. Oh you little terror, then just leave the hamster in the cage and you can watch it.

~ fufu

Jay said...

Fu Fu, you have been tagged! Check my blog for more information. Good luck!