Monday, September 18, 2006

Fufu being tagged again!

I'm being tagged once again, by both Jay and Lulu.
Well they seem to be both playing different type of tag games with different rules.

Lulu's game is to to list five weird things about myself. Which I did before last time, so I'll just point you guys to the link here ok. ;)

Jay's game is to name five things that make a true doggie friend. Well Jay picked me coz I'm a dog in hamster's body. haa..

Ok here goes:
  • Always be nice to your neighbours (even if they are cranky like Bibi)
  • Eat whatever is given to you, dont be choosy on food. :)
  • Always pee in the same spot, so that mama only need to clean 1 spot every morning.
  • Always look cute when posing for pictures.
  • Once in a while, do funny things to entertain the humans (like playing fetch)
Well, I shall be nice and not tag anyone but do feel free to play this game and tag your other friends. :)


T-man said...

Peeing in one spot is a very kind thing to do :)

Fu Fu said...

Hi T-man, really. I always go to a corner in the groundfloor of my house to pee. Dont want the rest of my house to stink. Hee. :)

~ fufu